El Nogal Mexican: San Antonio: Downtown

My parents had been tricked by one of the cheap hotel booking sites into staying at a Super 8 on the outskirts of downtown San Antonio.  Had that been my booking, I would've gotten that same reservation on purpose.  It would've been nice, though, to get to spend a night in a nice hotel on this rare occasion of travelling with my parents, mais c'est la vie.

It was in a fairly ghetto area, but it was also 2 minutes from the San Antonio Museum of Art and just a mile from the Alamo, so it really was a pretty sweet deal.  Also, across the street we saw there was a little hole in the wall-looking establishment called El Nogal Mexican.

We saw this sign out front:

We had heavy food plans for lunch the next afternoon, so we thought each having 2 breakfast tacos early in the morning for breakfast seemed like a decent plan.

We walked in, and I immediately noticed some interesting characteristics.  There were several cash only signs, a large "Customers Only" on the bathroom, a handful of completely different menus on the walls as well as another different paper menu on the counter.  The counter itself was actually a glass case holding other assorted items they had for sale, including a few 5 packs of Juicy Fruit, a couple decks of playing cards, and some little painted glass trinkets.

It turned out they had no regard for their advertising: the tacos were rung up as $2.25 for 2, but okay, whatever.  They only gave us one little salsa cup for each of our tacos, and when my mother asked if we could have any more, mentioning how much we all love salsa, the woman begrudgingly gave us one more. :[  In my family, the taco sauce is a good half of the point of tacos, at least.  We'd prefer two to three per taco and four more to drink afterward.

Pretty sure we licked them clean after I took this picture

They also charged us $.25 because it was a to go order.  Well, they got $8 out of us instead of $6, good for them I guess.  It kind of felt like they ought to just hang a sign on the door that says, "outsiders aren't welcome" instead of the misleading advertisement, but hey, in the scheme of things, they were still cheap.

chorizo 'n' egg (left), barbacoa 'n' egg (right)

chorizo and egg

bean and cheese

And they were delicious, the first breakfast tacos I've had in years.  Goddamn, I do miss Texas a li'l bit.  Thick flour tortillas with eggs, cheese (sometimes) and chorizo with taco sauce, oh yeah... Or in my crazy mother's case, bean and cheese (why?!)

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