Liberty Bar at the Convent: San Antonio: King William/Southtown

I had some plans for dining out in San Antonio, but they pretty much all got tossed aside for other people's, which ended up being wonderful, most awesomely in the case of Cortney's friend Sarah's suggestion that we go to Liberty Bar.

The awesome sign on the building

Complimentary bread and butter

For an appetizer:

with smoked tuna & white anchovies
Bexar County crackers & creole mustard - $11
Cortney had been hesitant about my choice of this for our appetizer, but the three of us agreed that this was the right choice. The fishes were delicious, the queso chilango exquisite, and the creole mustard perfect. Every combination needs to be in your mouth.

Sarah wanted to get something fairly healthful, so she ordered this:

Ensalada de Garbanzo
sautéed chickpeas, carrot, celery, garlic
onion, spinach & feta cheese $10.00 straight up or with prosciutto $12.50
I remember that she didn't finish her plate and I, as always, eagerly accepted the opportunity to play garbage disposal for her remains, though maybe that's a bad way to put it in the case of good food.  This was more than four months ago, so, sadly, I'll just share the note I made next to this dish on the paper menu I kept: "nice"

Portobello Sandwich w/Smoked Gouda Cheese and Saffron Aïoli $10.00
The sandwich was very nice, the saffron aioli worth a pilgrimage itself.

Virginia Green's Chocolate Cake
Very good, for chocolate cake
The piece de resistance though, was this dessert:

I can't help but think that anywhere in New York City, this would've been $12, easily.  My notes here, "Heaven. Amazement."  Dear god, this was good.  You know how sometimes things taste so good you actually don't want to cram them down your gullet as fast as possible as if you're a wild board trying to scarf down a squirrel while a lion is chasing you for his lunch? This was one of those dishes. But let's let a picture say a thousand more words:

"Ohohohoho yeah"

And a cute picture our nice waiter took :]

Me, Sarah, Cortney (left to right)

Apparently there's a coffee shop on the second floor called The Frolic and Detour Coffee Bar, open daily from 7 AM, and they serve "simple breakfasts."

Liberty Bar, going on my favorites list

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