Wasabi Seaweed Snack from Trader Joe's

Well, folks, I finally did it.  I manifested something perfect into existence.  You know how Trader Joe's has been selling those delicious, healthful, low calories seaweed snack packs for $.99?  You know how the Annie Chun brand has a roasted seaweed snack pack that's not really that flavorful, for which you often have to pay $1.29?

Well, Trader Joe's is now selling this:

Same awesome 60 calorie per pack nutritional profile as the regular, by the way
Unlike the whisper of wasabi on the Chun seaweed, this stuff packs serious wasabi pow.  The perfect amount that is.  If you put a whole one in your mouth, wasabi seasoning side up, it will rip through your brain like a hemorrhage.  And then you'll reach for another immediately.

If you're anything like my anyway.

wasabi seasoning side up

wasabi seasoning side down (it's shinier)

After my disappointment with the mildness of the relatively new wasabi almonds* at Trader Joe's, I was afraid these would follow suit and just be similar to the lame Annie seaweed, so I was elated to discover just how right they got this.

There's a new sesame flavor coming to Trader Joe's soon, and if the pattern here continues, it'll be 15 times better than the Annie Chun Sesame Seaweed. Can't wait!

*Though some people love that mild amount**.


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