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Asshole Sundae (Asshole Cooking Episode 2)


My Beloved Japaneiro's

When I was in seventeen and working at Whataburger, saving for college but finally also having some discretionary funds for restauranting, my friend William and I fell in love with a restaurant called Japaneiro's in the Sugarland Marriott Town Square near First Colony Mall.  The summer before we headed off to college, we were getting the lunch special here twice a week.

This was the first menu I ever collected, as I needed to keep track of which rolls I'd tried and how much I liked each one.  I wanted to try them all, and I nearly did except that they've added more rolls, so that I've fallen behind.  It's a "Sushi Bistro + Latin Grill," so there are lots of things other than sushi to try as well, so I still have many trips to Japaneiro's to make (thank god).  Through my numerous dines here and notes and contemplation, I figured out what it was that made me love some rolls more than others, discerning my tastes and learning about sushi.

After I started…

Local 149: South Boston

Before my roommate Myles and I went out to South Boston to dine at Local 149, I read the menu and was sexually excited by what I saw.  It'd been too long since I'd had a real foodie restaurant, so off we went.

Other than Local 149, which opened the weekend of St. Patty's Day this year (2011), South Boston doesn't have any foodie restaurants (which isn't to say there aren't some satisfying normal restaurants), so I just had to know how good this place could be.  And by South Boston I'm only referring to the non-museumy area.

It took Myles and I five to ten minutes just to find a place to park, at one point parking at a lot that some kids then informed us was private.  Finally we found a spot that is towable Monday to Friday from 6 PM - 10 AM, but it was Friday at 8 PM, so we figured we were fine, which we were.

The place was bustling with business, and it was a ten minute wait just for two seats at the bar, but there was a lounge area where we could order dr…

The Pour House: Boston: Back Bay

Mini-review, having only been there once for a work meeting with a limited menu available:

Fries: too many burnt ones, not much flavor, needed soft potato inside and crunchier outsides

Ranch: thicker than I prefer and not best flavor

Honey Mustard: really good, creamy and sweet

Burger: really nice, not as heavy as I'd feared even at a half a pound of beef

There menu says everything there is "the best" (best brunch!  best burgers! best frappes!).  This is of course not true: it's a normal bar with a clusterfuck menu with everything from burgers, wings, chicken, potato skins, nacho, etc.  There's also a standard clusterfuck brunch menu with your normal brunchy cocktails and alcoholic coffee drinks with several iterations of omelettes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches, etc. The beer selection is boring. The staff is full of friendly people. There's plenty of comfortable seating, sports screens and decent restrooms. It's a decent place, with some specials, …

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Austin: South Lamar

For Austonian yuppies too hip for Starbucks but not this kind of hipster elitist coffee douche

Coffee Snobs from Frankie Shaw
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a great place for your coffee desires.

Check out their deluxe coffee-dressing bar:

Feel free to go to the Mary Louise Butters Brownies website and buy me all of these.  Not to mention the Thunderbird Energetica website for theseguys.

They have wi-fi and a nice restroom, and everyone here was very friendly.  I wish I could tell you how their espresso is, but I was treating myself to an iced soy latte that time, which was yummy.  Apparently they have also started serving food (including a fun-sounding "almond pesto egg salad").

Red Bones BBQ: Boston: Food Truck

FA Rating: f Price: $
I love food trucks. That being said, I love interesting food trucks the best. For this reason, I'll probably never go to the Red Bones BBQ food truck again, but I wanted to try it once. Simple menus just aren't my favorite flavor of Doritos, but this is not to say that I wouldn't recommend this as decent bbq at an easy price for your on-the-go needs to others.

Tasty! Tons of juicy, sweet, bbq-sauced pulled pork piled on a bun. I would suggest a potato bun or, better yet, a Portuguese muffin or something more fun that a plain, cheap white bun, but I think the RBBBQ people have eyes only for the meat, which probably serves most people just fine.

I'm also against ketchup, vinegar, boring mustard, plain relish, and tabaso or tabasco-like sauces, so you can see where the problem came in for me. I want some orange, pink, or off white sauces in my life.  Or, if I could've had some pickled jalapenos and/or cilantro on my sandwich, that would've b…

Asshole Cooking: Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Stout Float


Best Waterfront Restaurant in Burlington: The Skinny Pancake

The Skinny Pancake was on my original agenda for my recent trip to Burlington, Vermont, and, while I accidentally stopped for coffee and a pastry on the way, that didn't deter me from proceeding on to TSP for an excellent meal. And I'm very glad I did.

On your way in you pass several tables of outside seating where locals are enjoying relaxed, delicious brunches with their friends and lovers, with a view of the water.

Inside you'll probably wait in line for a few minutes before it's your turn at the counter, which is a good thing because you'll have time to take in the menu.

Even if you're already familiar with it, there are specials sometimes, and the "localvore" option changes (currently: "Misty Knoll chicken and Winding Brook Farm ham with Taylor Farms gouda, Cabot cheddar and Jarlesburg Swiss cheeses, caramelized onions wrapped in a savory herb crêpe and topped with dijon cream sauce - $12.95").  Speaking of which, a sign on the wall ann…

Gino's Pizzeria: Texas: Round Rock

When I was last in Texas on vacation and met up with some friends at their business in Round Rock, we wanted to go out for lunch near where we were.  I started to fire up my trusty apps to find a good place, but my friend suggested an Italian place she and her husband liked, and so I decided to not be neurotic and socially awkward and just agree.  Though I looked up the menu on my phone and could see this wasn't exactly going to be a foodie adventure, it looked like it was potentially one of those neighborhood Italian places that rock your socks off.

After stopping at a CVS to purchase more Lactaid since I'd left mine in my bags back at the house, we made it to the place.

The bread was nice and soft, a fine white roll.  The olive oil dip was way too garlicky, but it was still enjoyable.

Everything comes with a house or casesar salad or a cup of soup, and the soup must've been vegetable minestrone or something similarly boring because we all god caesars.

This caesar salad wa…