Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Austin: South Lamar

For Austonian yuppies too hip for Starbucks but not this kind of hipster elitist coffee douche

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a great place for your coffee desires.

Check out their deluxe coffee-dressing bar:

so.. many.. choices..
Just a few of the shakers.  How sweet is this spread?!

Will someone buy me these for my birthday?  I wish I'd had more money to blow on goodies. 
Feel free to go to the Mary Louise Butters Brownies website and buy me all of these.  Not to mention the Thunderbird Energetica website for these guys.

My favorite thing about this place is that they use those little crushed cubes for their ice!  Seriously, I love those little cubes.

They have wi-fi and a nice restroom, and everyone here was very friendly.  I wish I could tell you how their espresso is, but I was treating myself to an iced soy latte that time, which was yummy.  Apparently they have also started serving food (including a fun-sounding "almond pesto egg salad").

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