The Pour House: Boston: Back Bay

Mini-review, having only been there once for a work meeting with a limited menu available:

A double with bacon and cheddar - I believe they normally call this a "Kansas" on the menu.

Fries: too many burnt ones, not much flavor, needed soft potato inside and crunchier outsides

Ranch: thicker than I prefer and not best flavor

Honey Mustard: really good, creamy and sweet

Burger: really nice, not as heavy as I'd feared even at a half a pound of beef

There menu says everything there is "the best" (best brunch!  best burgers! best frappes!).  This is of course not true: it's a normal bar with a clusterfuck menu with everything from burgers, wings, chicken, potato skins, nacho, etc.  There's also a standard clusterfuck brunch menu with your normal brunchy cocktails and alcoholic coffee drinks with several iterations of omelettes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches, etc. The beer selection is boring. The staff is full of friendly people. There's plenty of comfortable seating, sports screens and decent restrooms. It's a decent place, with some specials, if you want a normal bar to watch the game or chill with friends. It's just not for foodie assholes.

At night, especially on the weekends, it's a happenin' place, packed with people, a good chunk of whom are attractive, middle of the road, boring people, like everyone on Boylston street. They invariably all get quite trashed, and there's usually at least one fight per night between The Pour House and Whiskey's.

Burger Rating: 7/10
Fry Rating: 4/10
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