Asshole Coffee: 1369 Coffee House

Espresso Rating: 6/10
Americano Rating: 6/10
Coffee Rating: Poop

I had heard of this coffee shop back when I lived in NYC and was excited to check it out.

They had some decent looking pastries.
Andrew got a cup of coffee.
It was seriously the worst coffee I had ever had.  I say it "was" the worst I "had" ever had because Andrew actually went back and told them it was bad and got a new cup of the other roast available that day.  We thought perhaps it was old or off in some weird way.  Turns out no.  So the second cup has earned the place of the current worst cup of coffee I've ever had.  The free coffee at cheap motels is better than this rain water/feces hybrid.

This would be Andrew dumping crap onto the ground.

That being said, I went back one day for an espresso and treat.

Espresso - $2.30
The espresso was thick and bitter, almost dirty.

Vegan Harvest Bar (cranberries, coconut, walnut) - $2.30

It was cakey but moist.

A handful of at least moderately attractive lesbians walked in during my ten minute stay, so there's that to be said for this place. But alas, I don't really care for their espresso and we already know how I feel about their coffee.

Yet, I went back to try the place one more time:

Iced Americano - 6/10

Cajun Potato Broccoli Quiche - $4.20

They warmed it up and served it with greens and a tomato slice! The amount of Cajun spice was negligible and there wasn't hot sauce on the bar. Why the heck was it even called "Cajun?" I guess it was nice that they used red potatoes that still had their skins. The crust, however, seemed like a generic store bought crust. In fact the whole thing seemed like it'd been purchased at a shaws or something. 1369 disappoints me again. I think I'm done.

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