Red Bones BBQ: Boston: Food Truck

FA Rating: f
Price: $

I love food trucks. That being said, I love interesting food trucks the best. For this reason, I'll probably never go to the Red Bones BBQ food truck again, but I wanted to try it once. Simple menus just aren't my favorite flavor of Doritos, but this is not to say that I wouldn't recommend this as decent bbq at an easy price for your on-the-go needs to others.

Pulled Pork Sandwich - $6

Tasty! Tons of juicy, sweet, bbq-sauced pulled pork piled on a bun. I would suggest a potato bun or, better yet, a Portuguese muffin or something more fun that a plain, cheap white bun, but I think the RBBBQ people have eyes only for the meat, which probably serves most people just fine.

I'm also against ketchup, vinegar, boring mustard, plain relish, and tabaso or tabasco-like sauces, so you can see where the problem came in for me. I want some orange, pink, or off white sauces in my life.  Or, if I could've had some pickled jalapenos and/or cilantro on my sandwich, that would've been dope. I do wonder how their cornbread and ribs are.

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