OM: FL: Miami

On either the day or before after Christmas 2009, while my sister and I were still in Miami, I forced her to drive around in circles until we finally found this OM place I was looking for.  After we had this wonderful food, she agreed our search had been well worth it.

This was* one of those totally raw and vegan places:

Taco Pizza: corn, tofu, avocado, diced tomatoes and red peppers, with cilantro on a black bean base and a sprouted wheat crust

It was delicious.

The Rainbow Roll

Avocado, mango, beet, carrot, fig and a creamy, white coconut/cashew sauce all wrapped in greens and nori, and drizzled with balsamic syrup

I don't have any notes from back then, but I remember enjoying it greatly.

some kind of lavender "cheese"cake with blueberries

It was so wonderful.  And we left feeling good about ourselves and not weighed down.  I can't remember details, but I can't stress enough how much we both loved this food, expensive though it was.

*Well, fuck, it's closed now.  Perhaps if these guys can find a location that doesn't suck, they can open up to more success.  I wonder what the raw vegans of Miami are doing now.

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