Gino's Pizzeria: Texas: Round Rock

When I was last in Texas on vacation and met up with some friends at their business in Round Rock, we wanted to go out for lunch near where we were.  I started to fire up my trusty apps to find a good place, but my friend suggested an Italian place she and her husband liked, and so I decided to not be neurotic and socially awkward and just agree.  Though I looked up the menu on my phone and could see this wasn't exactly going to be a foodie adventure, it looked like it was potentially one of those neighborhood Italian places that rock your socks off.

After stopping at a CVS to purchase more Lactaid since I'd left mine in my bags back at the house, we made it to the place.

complimentary bread

and olive oil dipping bowl

The bread was nice and soft, a fine white roll.  The olive oil dip was way too garlicky, but it was still enjoyable.

Everything comes with a house or casesar salad or a cup of soup, and the soup must've been vegetable minestrone or something similarly boring because we all god caesars.

This caesar salad was a really bad sign.  I've had better caesar salads out of plastic boxes at hospitals.  Newman's Own Caesar Dressing would've been better than whatever they squirted on these romaine pieces.

I didn't force the two other people in our party to let me take pictures of their food, just mine and my closer friend.

She got the Veggie Combo Platter:

In there somewhere are: Eggplant Parmigiana, Spinach Lasagna & Manicotti

On the paper menu I took, my note for this meal was "fine."  This meal is $7.99 at lunch and $14.99 at dinner.  They might give you a bigger portion or something at dinner, but yikes, and trust me, you're not gonna want more.

I got the Fetuccini Alfredo ($7.99) with Chicken added (+$2).  I asked after any kind of sauce that was pink, and so they subbed in a pink sauce for me.

You can tell my disheartened state of mind since once again on my menu next to this item I just wrote "fine."  The noodles may have come from a bag at Walmart.  If the pink sauce didn't come from a jar, I'd suggest they start going that route as I've had better jarred pink sauces.  I suspect the chicken is ordered in frozen bags of chicken breasts, then thrown in the oven for a few minutes and sliced up.  Catering is available for weddings!

You know what?  There's a Cici's down the street.  You may as well save a few bucks if you're craving crappy food that vaguely resembles Italian.  You should really go to their website, where there's a video that starts up automatically you really must watch.  The state of Texas should sue them for calling their restaurant "the best little Italian restaurant in Texas."

From reading other people's reviews, it seems this place maybe used to be pretty good and has gone downhill.

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