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Fresh & Co.: NYC

If you need some food that's fairly healthful and inexpensive, and Mexicue isn't open at the time, and you're about to get on the Megabus, Fresh & Co. is a decent option.

Between Toronto and Boston, I was in just that situation, and created my own omelette:

I wish they wouldn't offer me potatoes and buttery toast with my omelette, which, as they're included in the price, I feel compelled to take and then eat.

I wish they'd just let me have, in my $5.25 omelette, a meat or cheese or two more veggies instead of the greasy, empty, carbs.  And for the love of god, why don't they put out some hot sauce?

The coffee was okay.

Mexicue: NYC: Food Truck + Midtown West and LES locations

FA RAting: FFF

I ate here once a long time ago, when they first came out and before I had really started the food blogging.  Now they have two locations, one in the LES and one at 7th ave. between 29th and 30th, which is right by the Megabus arrival location (and not too far from the Megabus departure spot).  Of all the convenient places in that area, this one is probably the best option, if you're there when it's open anyway.  I say this based on price, menu, speed/takeout ease, and the yumminess of the food I had from them so long ago.

Wow, I'd forgotten how shitty that old camera was.  I also have no idea where my notes for these went.  I remember them being delicious and trying not to get beet juice all over myself.

Foodie Asshole Wish List:

Everything onthe menu

Momofuku Noodle Bar: NYC: East Village

I'm pretending to do a review because I need an excuse to show this video:

I must have this.  It's not going to be okay until I have this.  I realize this is the milk bar and I went to and am thus reviewing the Noodle Bar, but bear with me.

When I first moved to NYC, I was invited by some friends to do a group $100 fried chicken meal at Momofuku.

We had a shit ton more food, but this was before my reviewing days, so this is my only picture.  We had a bunch of pork buns, shrimp buns, and god knows what else.  It turned out the sous chef knew one of the girls in our group, so he sent extra stuff over.  It was all so awesome.  I played along like this sort of thing was old hat, but not for me at the time it wasn't.  It probably actually helped that I was severely hungover.  By the middle of the meal, I had been cured.

India Pavilion: Boston: Cambridge

FA Rating: F

I don't have much discernment when it comes to Indian places other than who has better prices than others.  In my experience, it's all fucking delicious.

When they asked us how spicy we'd like it, we said medium, and it was perfectly spicy for me.  If you're a heat pussy wimp, I'd tell them, "Pretty mild."
I fucking love chicken korma.  I suppose this is on my list of comfort foods or "guilty pleasures."  It's so creamy and delicious.  This one had raisins - fun!  It wasn't spicy at all, really, so if I were to order it again, I'd ask them to make it hot.

Foodie Asshole Wish List:

-Coconut Soup - $3.95
-Chicken Dosai - $6.95
-Chicken Mango - $11.95
-Peshwari Nan - $4.95
-Khyberi Chicken Biryani - $10.95
-Lobster Mushroom Masala - $18.95
-Saag Paneer - $.895
-Bhindi Bhuna Masala - $9.95
-Baingan Bhartha - $9.95
-Navrattan Korma - $9.95
-Jaipuri Cheesecake - $3.95
-Gajar Halva - $2.50

And now for some comedy. Reno 911 is the…

Mary Chung: Boston: Cambridge

I don't consider myself much of an expert when it comes to judging Chinese restaurants, but I think Mary Chung's is one of the better ones.  The menu is certainly more interesting and authentic-seeming than your standard bull shit Chinese take out places.

We started with these.  They were very spicy, just below the level at which they would've been too spicy to enjoy.  Better than those shrimp ones were the regular, meaty ones:

These were just a touch less spicy, with a stronger meat presence than the shrimp had imparted to their Suan La Chow Show.   I love that you get all those wonderful bean sprouts with these appetizers, and you need them to mop up the heat.  Then we actually ordered a bean sprout dish as another appetizer:

And these kicked the burning in our mouths right back up.  I would suggest getting only one spicy appetizer and then one milder one to balance out (and the menu divides the dishes into red (hot!) or black (mild) for you, in case you're not sure)…

Generic Toronto Food Carts

I just have to mention that the generic food carts in Toronto are cooler than the ones in America.

They know what's up: it's all about the sauces.

And toppings!

American food cartists take note: more toppings and sauces!

Best Brewpub in Toronto - C'est What

I wanted to go to C'est What Brewpub (Toronto: Old Town/St. Lawrence Market) for the clever name alone, but when I looked at the drink menu, the deal was sealed. This is because the week before, I had started my "whiskey phase," so that whiskey is now my drink of choice, and their whiskey menu is spectacular.

Be careful because you have to keep your eyes peeled in order to not miss the storefront. Once inside you walk downstairs into a nice, large space with a bar in the middle and lots of seating on either side that kind of forms three distinct rooms.

As you bring the just settled creamy head to your nose, you can smell the ginger and something that actually seems like cream. The taste is smooth, creamy, ginger wheat. I sort of think that every beer should be nitro-tap - it's just so much fucking creamier, and I am a whore for creaminess. According to the waiter, the ginger flavor all comes from real ginger, and this year's recipe is more gingery than last year…

Best Food Tourism in Toronto - St. Lawrence Market

Sadly, I had no room for food when I visited the famous St. Lawrence Market (Toronto: Old Town), but I do want to share a few pictures.

Now for some politics:

Big Smoke Burger & Urban Eatery at Eaton Centre: Toronto: Downtown

Several Canadians had told me I absolutely had to check out the newly renovated and reopened (as of September 1, 2011) Urban Eatery ($48 million for this food court) in Eaton Centre ($120 million renovation total). I thus changed my plans for lunch (sadly meaning I never did get to try Ravi Soups - seriously, check out their ever-changing menu).

Urban Eatery is a huge food court with 24 food court options and 980 seats, which is still not enough. I had to wait behind someone for her to finish up in order to sit at one of the long tables of diners.

Among the options are:

On top of these interesting options, they also have some bull shit, such as KFC and fucking Sbarro. Who would choose Sbarro, a shitty pizza chain that is in every single food court in the world, out of all the awesome options at this first class food court?

When I saw "never frozen, Canadian beef," on the menu, I decided to go with Big Smoke Burger as I wanted to see how it would compare to the best burger I&…