The Map Room Cafe in the Boston Public Library: Boston: Back Bay

I've been waiting for an occasion to eat something at the Map Room Cafe in the BPL since I moved here, as it just seems like a fun thing to review.  I finally found the opportunity when I checked out a book of Joseph Smith's diaries that I couldn't take off the premises.  I was hungry, so I got a sandwich from the cafe between periods of reading.

I hadn't realized it, but apparently all of their sandwiches are just pre-made affairs, wrapped in cellophane and kept in a fridge.
I paid $7.50 for this.
The Sargent
"Northern Family Farms Herb Roast Beef, Arugula, Raschera Cheese, and Roasted Pepper Aioli on Grilled Ciabatta".... oh please.  It was way too much shitty roast beef that had fatty chewy parts, some nice arugula and aioli, hardly any cheese on a staling baguette.  A toaster oven would be a nice addition to this place.

The pastries all looked awful, with the possible exception of the brownies being okay.

I recommend making sure you're never stuck in a situation that requires eating in the Map Room (though the maps on the walls are cute).

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In case you're interested:

mention of one polygamous marriage for Joseph

another one
aaaaand now he forbids it

He did have some good advice for the rich, as well as doctors and lawyers that they could use today.

I like the bit about the poor using mountains.

Oh look, the women are going to get the Priesthood!  Apparently he meant at least 160 years later.

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