Pho Pasteur: Boston: Chinatown

It's not the $5 price tag of big bowls of Pho I got used to in Houston's Vietnamtown, but for about $7 a bowl it's the same delicious stuff far as I can tell.

I got the beef pho, $6.95 for the smallest bowl:

Unless you're insane, you wont even finish your small, much less the wonderful platter of bean sprouts, basil leaves, and lime slices.
Whoa where were the jalapeño slices?

I was concerned at the lack of cilantro, but when I requested some, they brought us a nice big bowl of it.

Every meal should be served with a big bowl of cilantro like this.

It'd been way too long since I last had this rich, delicious broth.  The beef was delicious, but there was some fat on the edges of some pieces.  If case you're afraid of that, the chicken pho is safe:

lots of big chunks of tender white meat, no fatty parts

You'll also be served tea, another thing that should happen at every meal.
Yay for Sriracha, Hoisin, etc.

I thought I'd try Vietnamese coffee hot since it was a cold morning, and I'd never had it hot.  It was fine, but I'll stick with iced Vietnamese coffee when I want to indulge in that creamy condensed milk deliciousness.  Anyway, with all the spices in my mouth from the food, the hot coffee wasn't pleasant on my tongue.

All their beers are $3.50-$3.75 (bottles of Budweiser, Sam Adams, Corona, Amstel Light, Heinekin, Sapporo, Tsing Tao).  They also have wine ($4.50-$8) and sake ($5-$7).

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Speaking of awesome Asian things, I'll just slip in my favorite spiritual thinker, who used eastern spirituality stuff in his talks:

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