Hong Kong Cafe: Boston: Fenway

FA Rating: f (which stands for "food")

My friend Eric and I were on our way to a funky comedy show and needed to get dinner.  Once more, my plans to go to the Staff Meal food truck were thwarted, so it was spontaneity time.  We didn't want to just go anywhere since he was visiting Boston for the first time and I'm a foodie asshole, so we kept rejecting place after place.

We probably should have opted for Boston Beerworks or Four Burgers or even just a slice from Upper Crust (since I'd like to review it), but instead we ended up at the generic Chinese restaurant inside the Howard Johnson hotel, inside which was the comedy show for which we came (Grandma's Basement).

Beef with bean sprouts and onion chow foon - $8.25
Like any random Chinese food place, I got familiar tasty flavors, soaked in oil.

And the bean sprouts made me feel like it wasn't quite as unhealthful as it could've been.

Eric got chicken teriyaki appetizer ($7.25)
sauce for chicken teriyaki - pretty good

with fried rice on the side.  I'm not sure how we was charged for that, but now that I've reviewed the menu, I see that for $.70-$1.40 more than just the teriyaki skewer appetizer, he could've gotten a dinner special (such as General Gau's Chicken, Kung Pao Shrimp, Chun Liu Beef, etc.) that came with pork fried rice and that included the chicken teriyaki (or a number of other appetizers).  But then, he probably didn't need that much food.
The chicken was chewy in parts, not very crisp or flavorful.

You could, as a handful of audience members did, order a Scorpion Bowl for $14.  It's some kind of fruit punch bull shit with a shit ton of rum.   If you share one of those with a friend or two, you could, as one audience member in particular did, make a complete ass of yourself during the comedy show.

If you really like getting generic Chinese food and you're going to the Grandma's Basement comedy show, then this'll work out for you.  Otherwise, I think you probably ought to stop off somewhere else for dinner or just get wasted on the inexpensive drinks at the bar at the Hojo.

Though they do have fun placemats with animal year thingies.

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