Caldense Bakery: Little Italy/Portugal Village + ML: Toronto

After discovering Portuguese muffins/rolls at a then off-the-map diner in Seekonk, MA (outside of Providence, RI) and falling in love, I always keep one eye open for the things at grocery stores and restaurants.  When I saw that Toronto had a little Portugal, I made it an important item on my agenda to go to a Portuguese bakery for a bolo levado.  I wanted to go somewhere in the actual little Portugal, such as Venezia Bakery, but the morning I went out for this, it was far too cold to go any further by the time I reached the Caldense Bakery at 802 Dundas St. West (there are six other locations as well), which was my backup plan anyway.

Chocolate Croissant and Small Coffee

Inside the Chocolate Croissant

The croissant was huge, the coffee small (8 oz.) but really good. The croissant was sweeter, eggier, with sweeter, milkier chocolate than I'm used to in croissants and tons of powdered sugar on top. Not as good as Trader Joe's thought!

I just thought this sugar packet was fun.

Had I been awake enough before ordering, I would've realized I should've gotten an Americano instead of coffee.  I didn't realize they did espresso drinks here.  Look at these delightful prices!

 And why the fuck didn't I get 2 eggs with 2 slices of Portuguese bun ($4.75) or else a lunch sandwich on a Portuguese roll (apparently I didn't take a photo of that page)?  Wasn't that the point of going to a Portuguese bakery?  To see how a bolo levado there would compare to the one at some random diner in Seekonk, MA?!  Jesus, Arielle.  Well, I'd just started this whole pastry phase, so I guess that's what happens.
Mmm, I want the caldo verde! Two fucking seventy-five?!

Once I finished my croissant and took the coffee with me outside to fight the cold for the next few minutes of my walk I realized the coffee really only tasted good paired with croissant.  It was just okay afterwards, with quite a bready flavor.

At least at this location they have lots of seating and two clean, single occupancy restrooms.

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I have my regrets about my purchase decisions here, but I have learned from them, speaking of which, check out this awesome TED talk from Kathryn Schulz:

I thought her first TED talk, while saying some interesting things, suffered from an overabundance of self-consciousness that made parts of it awkward, but she's gotten a lot better, probably in part because she must be much less nervous this time around.  Now I'm just wondering if she's single and a lesbian :D

Update from 2/20/12: I actually saw Kathryn Shulz at the bakery across from where I live in Boston today!  I got to give this very cute woman, who I think might have been Katherine's date or girlfriend, my seat, and then asked Kathryn if she was who she was, which she was, and then of course I was slightly awkward but not as horrible as I have been with famous people in the past.

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