Best Coffee Shop for Working in Toronto - Dark Horse Espresso

Basically across the street from my delightful Super 8 Hotel in Chinatown/Kensignton Market, was one of three locations of a coffee shop called Dark Horse Espresso.

My last morning in Toronto I finally headed over to check it our for my morning needs at 11 am, when it was full of arabiphiles. Local artwork adorned the walls. There was a twelve seat square table that seemed like it belonged more in a library than a coffee shop, in a good way, around which MacBook users plugged away.

Scenes from the pastry case:

]"Hot Yoga Fund" tip jar

An upstairs section offered more lounging room, with some reclined seats and some 1-2 person desks.   But it was still full up there, which is how I wound up sitting at a table with a man pitching a cartoon tv show series to another man. While listening to the idea, I somewhat awkwardly nommed away on my scone.

Chèvre and Herb Scone

It was dense and sweet and tasted like a cream cheese and chive scone more than tangy goat cheese and other discernible herbs.


It was decent, but not delicious (7/10). It did, however, catalyze the most major dump I've had in several months (though the previous night's beer, whiskey and whatever it was I ate afterwards at some 24 hour vegetarian cafe I went to with a man I'd just met were the main forces)).

I continued snooping on the conversation of the eager pitcher. At one point he unbuttoned his overshirt to reveal a t-shirt he'd made himself with a logo for his hypothetical future tv show. Then he tried to offer another one to the pitchee, though it lay on the table midway between them, the pitcher not explicitly offering it, the pitchee not explicitly rejecting the offer.

Then, wishing the man luck, I headed for the restrooms (or in Canadian, "washrooms").

In this location, one must go around the back into this building called Centre for Social Innovation (how freaking cool is that?) to get to the large, clean, public restrooms. My epic pooping took so long that by the time I emerged, they had completely switched their breakfast case to their lunch stuff.

The sandwiches looked and sounded promising.

They also have adorable bottles of water an very cute glasses out for your hydration needs.

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Now let's listen to some reason:


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