Best Espresso in Toronto - Mercury Espresso

Purchasing an espresso at Mercury (East Toronto: Leslieville) was the first time I spent money on my first trip to Canada, and the barista told me they accepted neither American dollars nor credit cards. I was worried, but then he told me he'd take my American dollars just this once, "but next time make sure to bring real money."  Considering that he took my American twenty and gave me back Canadian change as if it'd been a Canadian twenty, which, considering the exchange rate, meant that he was making a bit of extra money from me, I think we can all roll our eyes about the "real money" bit.

The espresso of the day, fortunately, demanded no eye rolling.

Among the notes promised in the espresso de jour were a black cherry sweetness and a caramel finish, and I must say they delivered. Maybe it was how adorable I felt being in Canada for the first time, but this was the best espresso I'd had in my life up to that point (update: January 2013 - and among the top three I've ever had).

Chocolate Croissant

Not much chocolate...

The chocolate croissant was so-so. If it'd been fresh out of the oven, I'm sure it would've been better.  Though, now that I've finally tried Trader Joe's chocolate croissants (the ones in the frozen section that you let rise overnight before baking), my standards for chocolate croissants have been also risen. Those croissants are amazing.  Seriously.

I also had a nice conversation with a man who explained where East Toronto was at in terms of gentrification:

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