Fresh & Co.: NYC

If you need some food that's fairly healthful and inexpensive, and Mexicue isn't open at the time, and you're about to get on the Megabus, Fresh & Co. is a decent option.

Between Toronto and Boston, I was in just that situation, and created my own omelette:

An omelette after it's been sitting in a take out container inside a paper bag as you walk a blog and two avenues.

I wish they wouldn't offer me potatoes and buttery toast with my omelette, which, as they're included in the price, I feel compelled to take and then eat.

Boring, buttery toast, but I still ate it, every single bite. - I have recently started a behavioral therapy program for myself where I learn how to throw away food.

I wish they'd just let me have, in my $5.25 omelette, a meat or cheese or two more veggies instead of the greasy, empty, carbs.  And for the love of god, why don't they put out some hot sauce?

The coffee was okay.

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