India Pavilion: Boston: Cambridge

FA Rating: F

I don't have much discernment when it comes to Indian places other than who has better prices than others.  In my experience, it's all fucking delicious.

Keema Nan - $4.95

"Nan stuffed with minced lamb, spices and cilantro"  Thinner than some naan I've had, and so yummy.

Chicken Curry - $8.95
When they asked us how spicy we'd like it, we said medium, and it was perfectly spicy for me.  If you're a heat pussy wimp, I'd tell them, "Pretty mild."
Chicken Korma - $10.95
I fucking love chicken korma.  I suppose this is on my list of comfort foods or "guilty pleasures."  It's so creamy and delicious.  This one had raisins - fun!  It wasn't spicy at all, really, so if I were to order it again, I'd ask them to make it hot.

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Foodie Asshole Wish List:

-Coconut Soup - $3.95
-Chicken Dosai - $6.95
-Chicken Mango - $11.95
-Peshwari Nan - $4.95
-Khyberi Chicken Biryani - $10.95
-Lobster Mushroom Masala - $18.95
-Saag Paneer - $.895
-Bhindi Bhuna Masala - $9.95
-Baingan Bhartha - $9.95
-Navrattan Korma - $9.95
-Jaipuri Cheesecake - $3.95
-Gajar Halva - $2.50

And now for some comedy. Reno 911 is the best:

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