Momofuku Noodle Bar: NYC: East Village

I'm pretending to do a review because I need an excuse to show this video:

I must have this.  It's not going to be okay until I have this.  I realize this is the milk bar and I went to and am thus reviewing the Noodle Bar, but bear with me.

When I first moved to NYC, I was invited by some friends to do a group $100 fried chicken meal at Momofuku.

just the fried chicken part
We had a shit ton more food, but this was before my reviewing days, so this is my only picture.  We had a bunch of pork buns, shrimp buns, and god knows what else.  It turned out the sous chef knew one of the girls in our group, so he sent extra stuff over.  It was all so awesome.  I played along like this sort of thing was old hat, but not for me at the time it wasn't.  It probably actually helped that I was severely hungover.  By the middle of the meal, I had been cured.

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