Best Located Coffee Shop in Toronto - White Squirrel Coffee Shop

After lunch I needed some coffee, and I was trying to decided between Clafouti and this little nondescript place that seemed to just be called Coffee Shop (but would actually turn out to be called the White Squirrel Coffee Shop: Toronto: Queen West).

A man was smoking outside of the Coffee Shop, so I asked him if he thought the coffee was better at the Coffee Shop than Clafouti. He said he thought so, and when I walked in, he put out his cigarette and followed me in. This is when I realized he was the barista there. I told him he didn't have to put out his cigarette for me, and he said, "Oh of course I did - no worries."

I ordered my espresso and then started getting some advice from him on good bars in Toronto. He elicited the help of a hip 30-something couple who finally gave me the most candid and useful breakdown of the city and its neighborhoods, gayborhoods and happenin' spots.

Double Espresso - My chatting kept me from taking a picture right away, when the creamy head was perfect.
The espresso was as rich and useful (8/10) as the couple's breakdown of the city for me. I still wound up wandering all over the place, making a few loops in the cold Canadian weather and having a random and ridiculous evening, but that's the life of a wanderer.

There's some seating in a small upstairs section, it's near MOCCA (free!), and it's across from the Trinity Bellwoods Park. Point being, if you're okay with a bit of hippery with your good coffee, this is bound to be a useful joint from time to time.

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