Barber Orchards: North Carolina: Waynesville

On our way from the Highlands to Waynesville, we stopped at Barber Orchards in order to get some of their apple turnovers.

How could we not buy some Moonshine Jelly?

Yup, it tasted like sweet, alcoholic jelly.  Not bad at all, but definitely more for fun than aiming at the most delicious jelly possible.

Of course we accidentally got a few treats for right then too.

Apple Fritter - Just one fucking dollar!
In these big, fluffy but dense, sweet but flavorfully glazed fritters there are also little real pieces of apple throughout.  Very nice.

Apple Cider Cinnamon Donut
Yes, I had a donut too, despite the impending dinner.  But I shared it!  And how could I not!  It was seventy-five cents!!  Now, I've been thoroughly converted to yeast donuts, but this did have a nice consistency for a cake donut as well as great cinnamon apple sugar yumness.  It was a lot fresher than the apple cider donuts that I tried in NYC farmer's markets.

They also had apple cider out for sampling, and it was spectacular.
What an awesome sign!

Apple Turnover, warmed in the oven.

opened up

I should've been a little more patient and heated it up longer.  Better yet, if you can, get it fresh at the orchard.  It was good, but I could tell how awesome it would've been fresh.  It has just the right proportion of apple and sugary goodness to pastry.

Look what I found!

I want that apple cake!

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