Bogarts: NC: Waynesville

After snacking at Frogs Leap Public House, followed up by a bit more shopping in Waynesville, I headed with four other friends to continue our evening at Bogarts.

These cute bears hung from the rafters, clearly a good sign.
 They only Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Shock Top Wheat, and some amber beer, but you know, sometimes you just need some cheap light beer for a good time with friends.  "A good time that won't let you down," I believe I heard somewhere.  It's $3.27 for a beer and $3.74 for a glass of wine.

And just look at this precious, friendly bear.  I wanted to give him a hug.

complimentary soft brown bread with butter and ranch 
Since we asked for sides of ranch with everything else, they got us started with it right away.  Bread dipped in ranch is totally awesome, by the way.

The menu is of the boring variety, but that being said, everything was delicious.  And there was so much ranch!  The house made ranch was, as my notes say, "killer."  It was that thinner, very buttermilky kind that I love so much, that it's so hard to find north of the Mason-Dixon.

Burger and Sweet Potato Fries - $5.49
They had awesome sweet potato fries with a little extra crust, a little thicker, and an extra hint of sweetness.

If you want to, for a $1.50 more you could get the works burger with fries, all of the above picture plus American, cheddar, and Swiss cheese, plus mushrooms, bacon, and chili!

My sister got a salad and potato combo.
For just $5.79 - and she also could have chosen a sweet potato instead.

Their house salad includes real bacon bits, by which they actually mean real bits of bacon they've clearly fried up in house and not some shaker bull shit that's ostensibly made of pig.
The "Susie Salad - $7.89
The cajun seasoned chicken is already coated in honey mustard, and it was very nice, as were the pecans, and I got the dressing part of the honey mustard on the side so that I could have some bites of it with ranch, some with honey mustard, many with both.  It was great.

Potato Skins with Sour Cream and More Ranch - $6.89
We had a great time!

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