Fiore's Bakery: Boston: Jamaica Plain

Fiore's is a cute cafe with pastries and sandwiches in JP. It gets surprisingly packed at lunch time.

Pumpkin muffin with maple glaze - The maple was lovely, the pumpkin elusive as pumpkin always is, though it probably contributed to the denseness and heaviness that was so enjoyable.

He also talked me through finally using the Level Up thing (click here to get $5 free Level Up bucks and send me $5 too!) I'd signed up for weeks before, where you can pay through your credit card but using your phone, which also saved me $2 since it was my first purchase. After your first purchase somewhere, you earn discounts there after spending $50 or so.

My americano was just okay, quite bitter - 6.5/10

There are now twelve little tables. The coffee bar has soy, half and half, and "milk," simple syrup, honey, Sweet 'n' Low, Equal, Splenda, table, raw and brown sugar, and cinnamon.

They have several vegetarian and vegan options, including a daily vegan pizza, and they have gluten free bread  available for sandwiches as well as gluten free cupcakes available.

Though I, as a non-vegan, need to stop being tricked my by insane brain into trying vegan pastries as out of some diseased curiosity. This vegan blueberry scone was almost worthless. They warmed it up, which was really nice, but the texture was hard and crumbley, and the only flavor the dough had was burnt.

The only good part was the blueberries, so vegans would be better served with a bowl of the fruit and a few fiber pills.
Christopher Robin ($8.45): Grilled slices of ham, pear, sprouts, Swiss, mayo, a thin, not too sweet honey almond spread on nicely toasted multigrain bread with a nice little side salad with simple balsamic dressing - Good stuff

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