Bowling, Pizza, Beer: Flatbread Company (Inside Sacco's Bowl Haven)

Flatbread Company is casual restaurant/candlepin bowling hall in Davis Square (Somerville).

Look at these little nuggets!  The balls are just a bit larger than skee balls, and the pins are narrow. New England is so cute.

They have two sizes for their flatbreads, small and large, and our waitress told us we could get a large in half one kind and half another, so I ordered a foodie kind and my companion ordered a more traditional pie.

Mopsy's Kalua Pork in front, Somerville Community Flatbread in rear

They also have a great drink menu. I tend to have eyes only for beer, so I don't remember much about the cocktails and wine other than that I briefly glanced and saw that they had a tidy list of both. They had maybe a dozen drafts, and one of the best selections I've seen in the Boston area. For instance, they had an IPA from Sixpoint (my favorite brewery), Moody Street Stout from Watch City ($4.75, 5.9% ABV, so creamy and delicious), and the Steel Rail E.P.A. from Berkshire Brewing Company (also $4.75, 5.3% ABV, fairly light and really tasty, with that really nice malty finish I love so).

Also, yes, it's a pizza place, but the salad is so good! The celery's bitterness blends so well with sweeter dressing and seaweed. If you have a large group, get a table bowl of it.

You should know that a lot of the time restaurants are too dark for pictures, so that in order to get pictures to come out even halfway decent like this, my poor dining partner is forced to bust out the flashlight app on her iPhone and move it around according my instructions while I use my iPhone to snap photos from all angles in order to get a good shot, all the while other patrons and servers throw their judgmental looks our way. You're welcome.

"Somerville Community Flatbread – Our wood-fired cauldron tomato sauce, organic caramelized onions, organic mushrooms, premium whole milk mozzarella and imported Parmesan cheese baked on organic bread dough with homemade organic garlic oil, sprinkled with our own blend of organic herbs - Large $17, Small $9.25"

This was really nice.  f you like normal things, this'll hit your buttons. It even hit most of mine (mushrooms! caramelized onions! hooray!), just not the ones that crave novelty and excitement. For those needs, I got this puppy:

"Mopsy’s Kalua Pork Pie – Your choice - smoked free-range pork shoulder, homemade organic chipotle BBQ sauce, organic red onions, Vermont Butter Goat cheese, premium whole milk mozzarella, Imported Parmesan cheese and our organic herb mix - $19.75, Small $12.25"

The pork was delightful, the bbq sauce nice (not very hot at all, in case you're worried), and the goat cheese was excellent.  I thought the black beans were going to come in a mashed form, and I must say the loose, scattered beans seemed kind of silly, often rolling right off each slice as I picked them up.  In most locations, this pie comes with pineapple and a mango bbq sauce, and I wanna try those versions!

The flatbread here is very thin in the middle (as, of course, is right and proper in the eyes of The Lord), with thick crusts that I didn't particularly think were worth the calories.

I'd probably have more to say about both of these pies, but I was quite wrapped up in excellent conversation.  Any restaurant that had yummy, interesting food and beer and decent prices that is also conducive of great conversation (comfortable, not too loud), gets my vote.

The Kalua Pie was on the menu last night but not on the paper menu they have there right now or on their website menu currently, so I found it online, but both our pizzas seem to have been cheaper than the price listed there.  There was a $1 charge for having two different pizzas, but then the Community was only $7.25 and the pork only $9, both of which are less than half of their large prices, so that was pretty sweet.

Flatbread Company inside Sacco's Bowl Haven on Urbanspoon

Things at this location I still want to try:

  • Jimmy’s Free-Range Chicken – Oven roasted free-range chicken, black beans, organic cilantro tomatoes, roasted corn, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and sour cream lime drizzle and some jalapeño peppers (if you want) Whole $18.75 Small $10.25
  • Barbara’s Gingerbread – warmed in our wood-fired oven, and served with Annabelle’s pumpkin ice cream (you can choose chocolate or vanilla instead if you want)  and our homemade maple syrup-sweetened whipped cream $6.25

And now let's take a moment to honor a bold man who held fast to his integrity to the end, despite his beliefs and knowledge requiring him to take positions for which he received endless hate mail and opposition, Christopher Hitchens:

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