Frogs Leap Public House: North Carolina: Waynesville

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Putzing around Waynesville with a party of five, we wanted somewhere nice for some appetizers and a drink or two, and we settled on Frogs Leap Public House (with an ever-changing menu you can check out online), which would turn out to be an excellent decision.
Carr Valley Mobay (sheep/goat blend), Apricot-cardamom-honey-preserves - $4
The preserves were very nice, with so much flavor and just the right sweetness level.   The cheese was an awesome balance of sheep and goat, so that the goat aspect didn't make it too goat-tangy.
Devils on Horseback two of the four that came with, as the others were snatched up faster than I could take a picture!
The Devils are roasted medjool dates filled with smoked blue cheese, wrapped in house honey bacon, served in spiced honey ($5).  The key to getting a dish right, and especially to getting me to enjoy blue cheese, is to get the proportions right, and they have quite a task here, what with multiple forms of sweetness, a bit of spice, tanginess, and bacon.  And they got it right.  It was wonderful.  It only comes with four though, so count your party, subtract the vegetarians who won't be making an exception for the devils, and figure out whether or not you ought to order more than one serving.

Fried Pickles with Cucumber Buttermilk Dressing - $5
The fried pickles were great, and they're certainly a crowd pleaser.  Not everyone in my party cared too much for the cucumber buttermilk dressing, but that only meant more for me!  I love ranch, and I like the cucumber on cucumber action of the fried pickles in this cucumber dressing.  Speaking of things that are hot, I want fried spicy pickles!

Rosemary Garlic Fries with Fresh Lemon Mayo - $5
The fries were great, of course.  The rosemary and garlic levels were right on, which a lot of places fuck up.  The lemon mayo was also killer, and those three flavors of course go so well together.  I loved mixing and matching both fried foods with both dipping sauces, but the others at the table favored the pickles and the lemon mayo.  If you want to come here and only order one fried thing, maybe you should request that pairing.  Or you could just order both sauces for whatever you order.

You can come here for appetizers or for full on meals:
such as Goat Cheese, Roasted Garlic & Herbs Stuffed Freebird Chicken Breast/Truffle Whipped Potatoes/Sauteed Spinach/Mushroom-Country Ham Gravy $19.00

For drinks:
Craft Cocktails:
such as FLPH Seasonal “Rita” $11: El Jimador Blanco/House Made Sweet & Sour/Peach Nectar/ Cranberry Syrup/on the rocks

A nice wine list (glasses from $7-$13.50)

A small but purposeful beer selection:
Yuengling - $3
Bell’s Cherry Stout - $6
Thomas Creek Conduplico - $6
Frog Level B.C. Catcher in the Rye - $6
Stone IPA - $5
Founders Scotch Ale - $5
Also some bottles, including a gluten free beer

A similarly tidy liquor selections (4 tequilas, 3 bourbons or ryes, and 4 scotches)

And a nice dessert list (ranging $5-$8):
For instance: Butternut Cheesecake/Cranberry Sauce/Sweet Potato Whipped Cream 7.00

Everything is cute and wooden in FLPH, with wonderful decorations, a fire roaring for wood-fired pizzas, and excellent restrooms.  Everyone was very friendly, but perhaps I don't even have to mention that in North Carolina.

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