Best Restaurant Concept: Parish Cafe

Right by the Public Gardens is an absolutely place called Parish Cafe (Back Bay and South End). It's a casual restaurant where they serve sandwiches composed by famous Boston chefs, as well as some appetizers, salads and drinks. Check out this mouth-watering menu.

It was very difficult to decide what to have. Fortunately I had a dinner companion so that I at least got to try two sandwiches. Unfortunately they keep it dim at night, so these pictures suck.

Mexican Meatball Sub - $13.50 - "Cilantro infused Mexican meatball sandwich with a chipotle and jalapeno au jus, pepper jack cheese, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted baguette. Served with an aguas fresca salad."
Created by: Brian Poe, Executive Chef - Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, Boston

It was awesome. Making Mexican rather than Italian meatballs PLUS Mexican au jus instead of French-style is brilliance. This sandwich is interesting and innovative while at the same time absolutely delicious. The lowest- and highest browed-palettes can all agree that this sandwich rules.

And the aguas fresca salad was also yummy. I kept trying to figure out what this taste in it was.  It was causing me some nostalgia from my college years, but I never did realize what it was. Clearly, I need to return for further research.

The SDLT - $12.50 - "A spice rubbed, smoked duck breast sandwich served on caraway rye bread with lettuce, tomato and onion. Topped with a caper-mayo and sided with homemade potato salad or cole slaw."
Created by: Geoff Gardner, Chef/Owner - Sel De La Terre, Boston

Ohhh, would ya' look at all that duck?

A thick stack of duck, creamy and salty caper mayo, and beloved caraway rye - clearly a recipe for yum. What can you say about a sandwich except that it's proportions were perfect and its constituent parts harmonious? Oh yeah, the bread is mostly soft and mouth-friendly with a little touch of crispiness on the outside so that it all holds together perfectly and gives that little extra crunch before your teeth sink into the pliant duck pile.

Oh it's so hard being a foodie sometimes. I want to go back to Parish Cafe, but I have to try all the other wonderful sandwiches, though I wish I could have both of these again too. Please go eat them for me.  *sniffle*

And they're open every day till 2 AM (full menu till 1AM)!!!  Oh my god, the best night would be getting wasted somewhere a little early and then coming here at midnight to eat this food while drunk.  Excuse me while I go spend some time with my to do list.

Actually I went back and fulfilled my dream.

The Lumière (Created by: Michael Leviton, Chef/Owner – Lumière in Newton) - Thickly sliced slow-roasted pork butt on a seeded bun with a lime and green curry tartar sauce. Served with an ocean papaya salad topped with peppered peanuts ($12.25)

Sean’s Meatloaf Club (Created by: Sean Simmons, Executive Chef/Owner – The Parish Café & Bar) - Homemade chipotle meatloaf on country white toast with applewood smoked bacon, Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and a chipotle aioli. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy ($13.25)

Drunk as I was, I apparently didn't take notes. I'm pretty sure it was all tasty. The bigger point is, you can be pretty safe throwing a dart at the menu here.

The Campbell: They toasted and hollowed the baguette like a banh mi (though it's still a French baguette and not a softer banh mi loaf). There are some good flavors, though they skimped on the cilantro. Overall tasty but not one of the best here.

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