Ohio-y Goodies at the Cincinnati Airport

I went to Ohio for the first time! Well, it was a plane change on my way to Atlanta, but still. I had to have some sort of Ohio-y food while I was there, but I knew I'd be having boiled peanuts on a nice drive and then a large dinner that evening, and so I didn't want to do a whole meal.

Thus, I settled on Queen City Popcorn, when what should catch my eye but Caramel and Cheese Popcorn!

Medium Caramel & Cheese Popcorn for $3.49

That seemed local!  It's not something I seem to recall seeing elsewhere anyway.  If not strictly Ohio-ish, I'm sure this counts as a Midwestern thing.  And yes, this totally works, and it is addictive.  There will be some people judging you and your yellow fingers and the popcorn debris cascading down the front of your shirt as you gobble the snack endlessly, but pay them no heed.  Haters go'n' hate.

I'd heard Ohioans talk about their precious little Buckeyes, and so I felt it was my duty to have one when I saw that the Queen City Popcorn people had some for sale.

Dark Chocolate Buckeye (Milk also available) for $1.59


I like the fluffiness of the peanut butter filling, but it was definitely too sweet, a tad sickening.  As much as I love chocolate/peanut butter treats, this one seems to be a treat that should remain in one's cute Midwestern childhood memories.

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