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After watching a wonderful movie called Next Stop, Wonderland and then very uncharacteristically re-watching it the next day, I planned out a little adventure for myself to go to Wonderland Beach.  As with every adventure, at least 75% of the point is eating at a restaurant over there.  Revere is an area without a whole lot of options.  There are some overpriced and/or uninteresting seafood options, slushies, some pizza, some sandwiches, but it's all pretty low key and down to Earth (i.e. there are no Foodie Destinations).

Wonderland Beach, on an overcast day - At least it was all mine!

This freed me up to spontaneity, which led me, through a sketchy-ish ghetto area, to the Asian part of town.  Actually, it's not really the Asian part - it's the ethnic part of town.  Latin American and Asian-of-all-sorts restaurants and shops are side by side along Shirley Ave. (near the Revere Beach stop on the Blue Line).  I wish I hadn't run out of time by the time I finished dinner, because I would've liked to have checked out Little Market, Karla's Market, Battambang Market, Orange Grove Market, and Assalam Market.

The most compelling option was a Khmer/Cambodian joint called Thmor Da.  As I entered I was greeted warmly by a young woman who waited on me attentively and cheerily throughout the visit.  There were about 10 tables in the restaurant, and while I was there, three other parties besides me patronized the place, out ethnicities breaking down to 57% Asian, 29% black, 14% (me) white, so that it seemed to me this place passed the authenticity/quality-assurance test most people use.

These tabletop treats made me happy: Sriracha, hoisin, hot chili, pickled jalapenos, and fish sauce.

I had the #72: Curry Pickled Fish with Coconut Milk:

Cucumber and cabbage and some Asian cucumbery thing and lime and delicious coconut milk curry thing that doesn't really taste like fish with jalapeños and peppers... yum!

Let me know if you know what these guys are.  I know I've seen 'em at Asian markets...

Having sensed a browner meat than fish, I asked my waitress, and she said that it's made with ground pork and fish sauce.  Now, I find that to be just super, but in my head I laughed, "Wow, they've gotta figure this menu-writing thing out before a Jew accidentally orders the wrong stuff here."  There was one small fish bone that I had to rescue from my mouth so I didn't accidentally swallow it, but fuck it, I'm a trooper.  That dish apparently didn't come with rice, and the waitress asked me if I wanted some.

Side of Rice
a medley of everything - damnit, now I'm hungry

I saw about 7 other dishes the other people were having and and they all looked awesome: fried chicken, heaps of veggies and meat, their specialty: Tiger Tears... It all made me want to come back.

I wanted to try the Egg Soda:

Egg Soda - written on the menu as $2.50, though they charged me $3
There was also a fly clinging to one of the ice cubes, but I just picked him off dabbed him on a napkin, no harm done.  'cause I think in my head, "Well maybe that's normal at a Cambodian place, not a big deal.  Maybe they'll think of me as an ignorant, spoiled, typical American if I complain about a little thing like this."  And it really isn't a big deal to me.  I'd never had an egg yolk drink before, and I'd rather enjoy it's creamy deliciousness than worry about some little fly.

So I was ready to forgive the Thmor Dans everything, they were so nice, the food yummy, but then the bill came.  This was when I saw that the $10 dish had been written up as $11, plus a $1 for the side of rice, plus an extra $.50 for the egg soda.  After tipping $3, this meant I spent $18, which was certainly a bit more than I intended.  I could've argued, at least for $1.50 of that, and I guess I should have.  I hate the idea that they're back there thinking, "Oh good, a stupid white asshole, we'll just charge her a bit more for everything.  Just be really nice to them, and they almost never say anything anyway.  They all have so much money they don't even notice the bill - squeeze, squeeze, squeeze."  Perhaps that shit's all in my head, but it left me ruminating about race relations on and off for the next couple of hours.  Anyway, I need to start standing up for myself and my hard-earned money, of which I really don't make very much.  Do I have racial issues?  Well duh.  Don't we all?

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Foodie Asshole Menu Wish List:

1. Tiger Tears with Spicy Sauce - $9.99?
13. Fried Chicken Wings - $8.00?
20. Special Thmor Da Yellow Noodle Soup - $7.50?
24. Pat Thai, Cambodian Style - $7.50?
28. Special Chow Food - $8.00?
29. Seafood or Shrimp Chow Foon - $8.00
30. Chow Foon with Choice of Meat (beef, chicken or pork) - $7.50?
49. Sour soup with Spare Rib and Coconut Milk - $9.99?
50. Cat Fish Soup with Young Jackfruit & Coconut Milk - $9.99?
73. Baked Mushroom with Pickled Fish - $9.99?

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