Thmor Da: Boston: Revere Beach

FA Rating: F+

After watching a wonderful movie called Next Stop, Wonderland and then very uncharacteristically re-watching it the next day, I planned out a little adventure for myself to go to Wonderland Beach.  As with every adventure, at least 75% of the point is eating at a restaurant over there.  Revere is an area without a whole lot of options.  There are some overpriced and/or uninteresting seafood options, slushies, some pizza, some sandwiches, but it's all pretty low key and down to Earth (i.e. there are no Foodie Destinations).

Wonderland Beach, on an overcast day - At least it was all mine!

This freed me up to spontaneity, which led me, through a sketchy-ish ghetto area, to the Asian part of town.  Actually, it's not really the Asian part - it's the ethnic part of town.  Latin American and Asian-of-all-sorts restaurants and shops are side by side along Shirley Ave. (near the Revere Beach stop on the Blue Line).  I wish I hadn't run out of time by the time I finished dinner, because I would've liked to have checked out Little Market, Karla's Market, Battambang Market, Orange Grove Market, and Assalam Market.

The most compelling option was a Khmer/Cambodian joint called Thmor Da.  As I entered I was greeted warmly by a young woman who waited on me attentively and cheerily throughout the visit.  There were about 10 tables in the restaurant, and while I was there, three other parties besides me patronized the place, out ethnicities breaking down to 57% Asian, 29% black, 14% (me) white, so that it seemed to me this place passed the authenticity/quality-assurance test most people use.

These tabletop treats made me happy: Sriracha, hoisin, hot chili, pickled jalapenos, and fish sauce.

I had the #72: Curry Pickled Fish with Coconut Milk:

Cucumber and cabbage and some Asian cucumbery thing and lime and delicious coconut milk curry thing that doesn't really taste like fish with jalape├▒os and peppers... yum!

Let me know if you know what these guys are.  I know I've seen 'em at Asian markets...

Having sensed a browner meat than fish, I asked my waitress, and she said that it's made with ground pork and fish sauce.  Now, I find that to be just super, but in my head I laughed, "Wow, they've gotta figure this menu-writing thing out before a Jew accidentally orders the wrong stuff here."  There was one small fish bone that I had to rescue from my mouth so I didn't accidentally swallow it, but fuck it, I'm a trooper.  That dish apparently didn't come with rice, and the waitress asked me if I wanted some.

Side of Rice
a medley of everything - damnit, now I'm hungry

I saw about 7 other dishes the other people were having and and they all looked awesome: fried chicken, heaps of veggies and meat, their specialty: Tiger Tears... It all made me want to come back.

I wanted to try the Egg Soda:

Egg Soda - written on the menu as $2.50, though they charged me $3
There was also a fly clinging to one of the ice cubes, but I just picked him off dabbed him on a napkin, no harm done.  'cause I think in my head, "Well maybe that's normal at a Cambodian place, not a big deal.  Maybe they'll think of me as an ignorant, spoiled, typical American if I complain about a little thing like this."  And it really isn't a big deal to me.  I'd never had an egg yolk drink before, and I'd rather enjoy it's creamy deliciousness than worry about some little fly.

So I was ready to forgive the Thmor Dans everything, they were so nice, the food yummy, but then the bill came.  This was when I saw that the $10 dish had been written up as $11, plus a $1 for the side of rice, plus an extra $.50 for the egg soda.  After tipping $3, this meant I spent $18, which was certainly a bit more than I intended.  I could've argued, at least for $1.50 of that, and I guess I should have.  I hate the idea that they're back there thinking, "Oh good, a stupid white asshole, we'll just charge her a bit more for everything.  Just be really nice to them, and they almost never say anything anyway.  They all have so much money they don't even notice the bill - squeeze, squeeze, squeeze."  Perhaps that shit's all in my head, but it left me ruminating about race relations on and off for the next couple of hours.  Anyway, I need to start standing up for myself and my hard-earned money, of which I really don't make very much.  Do I have racial issues?  Well duh.  Don't we all?

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Foodie Asshole Menu Wish List:

1. Tiger Tears with Spicy Sauce - $9.99?
13. Fried Chicken Wings - $8.00?
20. Special Thmor Da Yellow Noodle Soup - $7.50?
24. Pat Thai, Cambodian Style - $7.50?
28. Special Chow Food - $8.00?
29. Seafood or Shrimp Chow Foon - $8.00
30. Chow Foon with Choice of Meat (beef, chicken or pork) - $7.50?
49. Sour soup with Spare Rib and Coconut Milk - $9.99?
50. Cat Fish Soup with Young Jackfruit & Coconut Milk - $9.99?
73. Baked Mushroom with Pickled Fish - $9.99?