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Fill Belly's: Boston: Jamaica Plain

Update: Out of Business

I moved to Jamaica Plain in April 2011, and at the time, just yards from my apartment was some generic burger/chicken/fries place with which I never bothered.  At some point it transitioned to a new place called Fill Belly's, which apparently is the brick and mortar of a former food truck.  I'd past the place by a number of times but was never sure if it was open (for a long time there were no hours on the door or walls, nor a "Come in, we're open" sign).  Even when I thought it seemed to be, no one was in there.  Still, I meant to be a pioneer on this front, but I didn't get around to it until prompted to by a Google coupon offer of $5 for $10 worth of food.

The menu is small enough that I planned how to get everything on it, mostly by way of a sample platter option, for what should've amounted to $12, meaning I'd only have to pay another $2.

As I entered, a large man, whom I'd soon realize was Chef Bos, called from the ba…

Indie Food and Wine, a Cafe in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center: NYC:

Across from Peter Kay Sharp/Juliard School building, where I thought I would be attending the Miranda July Symphony Space reading in November, is the Elinor Munroe Bunin Film Center, in which is the Indie Food and Wine Cafe, where I stopped to eat something with the half hour I had to spare before the reading.

The menu is a pretty standard elevated cafe menu, with fun little twists here and there on the $11-$15 sandwich menu.

There was a sweetness that was quite nice, maybe from the buttermilk, or maybe just the dill.  It was a nicely made sandwich full of good stuff for "only" $12, and it came with 3 olives!  By Manhattan standards, this is basically a steal!

The lady next to me had a really nice looking soup.  Daily soups are $5 for a cup, and $8 for a bowl.  Ugh, these prices really are depressing.
I wish I had noticed this $13, make-your-own dinner combo option (bolding added for foodie asshole prominence):

You get to choose one of these meats:

Buttermilk-Poached Organic …

Cutest Lesbian Cafe: Darwin's Ltd

Espresso Rating: 8/10
Sandwiches: 6/10
Desserts: 9/10
Lesbianism Rating: 10/10

I met an old friend at this delightful and bustling (at least at lunch time) cafe, Darwin's Ltd, in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA for lunch and coffee.

It was good, thick espresso. All it lacked was a complex of subtle flavors.

You can get half sandwiches for $4.

The food's great, nothing ridiculously whimsical, but not boring. It's all solid: delicious sandwiches, salads, soups (for now I just assume they're good), coffee, and desserts. They have tons of hip packaged drinks and treats too (a large array of seltzers, juices, chocolates (Vosges, Taza etc.), and caramelized cashew bags (Mexican Chocolate, Cayenne Mango, etc.).

I was unable to resist getting at least one of the maybe two dozen desserts that looked amazing. Thank god I had my friend to share it with. I don't care for flour getting in the way of my chocolate, but, really, these things do get to be just too damn rich. After a fe…

Legal Sea Foods: Boston: Logan Airpot - Legal Test Kitchen - Terminal C

I was flying back from Atlanta to Boston and it happened to be Veterans' Day.  The seat between me and some woman that otherwise would've been empty was thus given to a young man in his army fatigues, coming home after a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  We talked about life and about war, and he showed me videos of his team blowing things up in Afghanistan.

Predictably, we wound up talking about food at one point, and I learned that he didn't think he liked seafood but had only ever had frozen fish sticks.  He also didn't really think he cared for vegetables, but he'd only had canned or boiled, bland vegetables served to him.  I invited him to accompany me to the Legal Sea Foods in our terminal when we landed, my treat.  I had never been to a LSF before, but I was hoping it'd be good enough to expand his horizons a bit.

He was quite taken aback by a stranger, a young woman, some 25-year-old lesbian he met on a plane, wanting to take him out for lunch on Veterans…

Kyma: Atlanta: Buckhead

FA Rating: FF, $$$$

The only reason I got to have a fine dining experience at Buckhead's fancy-schmancy Mediterranean restaurant is because my sister had enough Buckhead Bucks to cut the bill down from "Oh hell no" to merely expensive.

I get a little self-conscious at nice places, so my notes from the experience are limited, but I still have opinions.

It was really good.  The zucchini was pureed down to smooth creaminess, and the saffron yogurt was amazing.

Tzatziki: yogurt, cucumber, dill - good
Melizanosalata: eggplant caviar, walnuts - very good
Htipiti: roasted red peppers feta - really good
Skordalia: potato, garlic, olive oil - nice

Our server gushed about the grilled octopus to the point where we had to order it:

This was tasty, but in reality what we got out of it was mostly the interest factor that the octopus had a surprisingly chicken-like taste and texture.

The few olives on the four spreads were so good that we asked if we could have a bowl of more.

I guess I&#…

Escorpion: Atlanta, Georgia

Ah shit, once again I've gone too long before reviewing a restaurant for which I didn't take notes, so that now my memory is quite muddled.  Thank god for pictures.

Apparently one in a group of trendy restaurants of various cuisines in Atlanta called U Restaurants, Escorpion is the Mexican Tequila Bar and Cantina of the bunch.  My sister, Cami, and I went to try it out together last time I was in town.

It sounds fancier and more fun that the real experience, and then it's so small!

At least with this one you get more!  Plus the pottery they serve it in is so cute.  It was actually also pretty darn tasty.

Again, I remember it being tasty but wanting there to be more of it.  I assume it was somewhere between $9-$12.

Well this just confirms my belief that they're working things out at Escorpion.  All the tacos are $3.5-$5 or 4 for $12.5-$18.  It's my personal belief that a taco should be between $1-$3 almost no matter what you're puttin' on it, so at $4 or whateve…