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FA Rating: FF, $$$$

The only reason I got to have a fine dining experience at Buckhead's fancy-schmancy Mediterranean restaurant is because my sister had enough Buckhead Bucks to cut the bill down from "Oh hell no" to merely expensive.

I get a little self-conscious at nice places, so my notes from the experience are limited, but I still have opinions.

Look at the adorable fish plate you get your olive oil on!


This was the amuse bouche the chef was sending out, but it's also on the menu as a dish of them for $8 (I imagine that dish comes with four, but I'm completely making that up).  A zucchini fritter with a bit of feta and saffron yogurt.
It was really good.  The zucchini was pureed down to smooth creaminess, and the saffron yogurt was amazing.

$4 for each or $10 for all four

Tzatziki: yogurt, cucumber, dill - good
Melizanosalata: eggplant caviar, walnuts - very good
Htipiti: roasted red peppers feta - really good
Skordalia: potato, garlic, olive oil - nice

pita for those dips
Our server gushed about the grilled octopus to the point where we had to order it:

$15 grilled octopus with pickled red onion salad and a red wine vinaigrette
This was tasty, but in reality what we got out of it was mostly the interest factor that the octopus had a surprisingly chicken-like taste and texture.

The few olives on the four spreads were so good that we asked if we could have a bowl of more.

I guess I'm becoming converted to olives, to good olives anyway.  These were so good, each and every one of 'em.

The next thing we had was my favorite dish of the night:

$10 Beet Salad: oven roasted beets, butter roasted walnuts, warm manouri cheese, beet sorbet
I want there to be beet sorbet at the grocery store.  It was so good, so fun.  Melted cheese and beet sorbet?!  This is the kind of dish that affirms one's need to be a foodie and go on these adventures.

At our server's behest, we got the saganaki:

$10 Saganaki: pan fried kefalograviera cheese, Barbayanni ouzo 
We kept chatting with him, so that we didn't get started eating it quickly enough and by the time he left, it wasn't nearly at the melty stage at which fried cheese can be properly enjoyed.  If you order this dish, make sure you and your friends wolf it down immediately.

My sister's fiance, Nonalee, doesn't eat seafood at all, so when Cami and I were trying to figure out which whole fish to share, which is Kyma's specialty, she had a salad.

$10 Romaine Salad: romaine lettuce, feta cheese vinaigrette, fine croutons
A nice salad, if a little pricey for what it is.  I like the fine croutons, though.  Little crunchy texture flakes are much better than stupid big hunks of stale bread, which don't really cooperate with forks.

Apparently the specialty business comes with their actually grilling the fish whole instead of filleting it first.  Our server explained that this creates all sorts of extra flavor as the bones and everything impart a lot of flavor as the fish slowly grills.  I had images in my head of their bringing out to us on a platter this huge whole fish, which Cami and I would proceed to cut open and eat with forks for a good half hour.  So I was a little disappointed when they brought us each a plate like this instead:

$28 - Tsipoura - that's half a fish, $14 worth of the whole, with some braised greens and capers
I mean, it was good, tender, moist, dense, with a somewhat different taste than other fish I've had, but it was less than life-changing or revelatory or earth-shattering or gluttonous or anything that would justify the $28 price tag.

1st Dessert, $8.25 - Banana Kataifi
Kataifi refers to the banana part, with threaded filo sheets wrapping the banana in nuts and syrup.  Then there was some kind of chocolate mousse/cake-type thing, with something ice creamy on top and a little chocolate shell.  Cute, huh?  Still, it's yet another example of a dessert at a restaurant that leaves me thinking, "Meh."

I honestly have no memory of what this was.  Some kind of sesame cookie cracker on top of probably something creamy in another filo-y shell with a spun sugar stick sticking out.
 Obviously, I don't remember is blowing me away either.

What was good was the honey that they gave Nonalee for her tea.

They gave her about half a cup of this imported tea.
Apparently they have some regulars who come in once per week, have a drink, and then order a jar of this stuff for $20.  It really was good honey, so good.  So maybe just order some tea for dessert and spoon this stuff in.  Or, actually, just get the beet salad (with the beet sorbet) for dessert.

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