Wagamama: Boston/Cambridge: Multiple Locations

I've been to Wagamama a few times, if for no other reason than that they offer some healthful options, along with beer and less healthful items, so that all kinds of people can come there for all sorts of occasions.

They have a selection of fresh juice concoctions, like this "Raw Juice":

$3.95 for a regular size, $5.25 if you want a large: "a mixture of carrot, cucumber, tomato, orange and apple - an all-round high-nutrient and high-energy drink"

It was tasty and fresh, though on the rare occasions I order fresh squeezed juice mixtures I can't help but think it's silly to pay for someone to do something so simple for me, not that I've yet sprung for a juicer (I'll wait until I'm in a lesbian relationship to fulfill that stereotype*).

$3.95 Edamame - These are just sea salt, but you can also get them in chili and garlic salt.

Everyone likes edamame as an app.  No surprises here.

$6.50 Chicken Dumplings with chili, garlic, soy dipping sauce

Yummy, but obviously not part of the healthful aspect.

$11.95 - Ginger Beef and Cilantro Salad: seared steak with caramelized red onions, beansprouts, red peppers, cucumber, carrot, daikon, ginger and cilantro tossed with mixed leaves
and wagamama dressing. garnished with sesame seeds

I purposefully worked out right before coming here one time and only had a small protein shake afterwards, so that I was starving when I arrived. With that in mind, this was the perfect amount of nutritious, delicious food to satisfy me. Mountains of cilantro make me happy.

The Ata-Taka Chicken Salad: chicken in a spicy marinade stir-fried with bean sprouts,
red onion and a tamarind ginger sauce, served on baby spinach leaves with wagamama house dressing and topped with fresh chilies - $9.95

This was another great salad, fairly light while filled with veggies and protein and lip-smacking dressing, with perfect jalapeno slices. I heart Asians.

Looky looky what I just found on the menu that I wish I'd known: "green tea free of charge with meals on request."

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Seaweed Salad - $4.25 - shredded carrot, seaweed, spring onions and a dash of red chili, served with wagamama house dressing and sesame seeds 

I needed something light when gathering with friends for food and drinks, and this was perfect, though I was still a bit jealous of everyone else's big piles of yumminess (I wasn't actually hungry enough). Adding the sesame seeds and Wagamama house dressing makes their seaweed salad a treat.

Ah, a crisp Tiger Beer  $4.50. I need to have a side by side Tiger, Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin tasting some time. That to follow. Maybe I'll bring beer back in limited ways to my blogging life.

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*By the way, about 95% of that video not only perfectly describes 95% of every lesbian relationship I've ever been in or witnessed, but 90% of it is everything I want out of one.

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