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Best Coffee Shop in Christiansburg, VA

On a cross country road trip with my friend Katie, I used my foodie powers (Google Places and Urbanspoon apps on my iPhone, that is) to find us a good place for breakfast in the bumfuckish town of Christiansburg, VA. I called the place Loo'-chee Muhn-row's, basically pronouncing it Italianly.

Ebenezer's Coffeehouse: Washington DC: Capitol Hill

One mobile reviewer commented that, "Religious dicks own this place." While I can't speak to every sentiment in that tidy review, I did notice a lot of churchy CDs for sale. Also the website does say that the National Community Church runs it and that profits go to"community outreach programs."

Those are basically the options for breakfast (obviously there are a few more pastries, but no other food food) and a a pretty nice lunch cafe menu. Salad options, for instance, include:

Grilled mahi $9 Topped with sautĂ©ed sweet peppers, tomato, fresh green peas, feta cheese; tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.Cilantro Cobb $8 Topped with smoked turkey, spicy ham, diced tomato, garbanzo beans, Jack cheese, and tossed with a creamy cilantro vinaigrette; avocado available on request $0.50 They have a bunch of nice looking $7 sandwiches (most also available as wraps) that come with chips.
My favorite part about having breakfast here was that Katie and I got into all sort…

JP's Best Fun/Food Combo: Bella Luna

FA Rating: FF
Price: $$
Casual -> Casual+

Bella Luna is a restaurant, and it's combined with Milky Way, a lounge and dance floor. The restaurant has a surprisingly good menu, and the lounge/dance floor/club/whatever aspect always has something going on. Fourth Fridays, for instance, are a dance party where two hundred or so lesbians (many of whom are attractive!) gather to drink and dance on a compact dance floor. It's right next to the Sam Adams Brewery, Ula Cafe, and Mike's Fitness. My first visit was in December 2011.

It'd been a while since I'd tried a Gluten-Free beer, and I'd heard they'd gotten better, so I gave this one a go.  It's true it wasn't as awful as Toleration was, but it wasn't good either.

This was yummy, but it just feels like two good things - mussels and tom kha gai - thrown together, like if you just added mussels to thai coconut milk soup. That being said, that worked for me just fine. After the mussels were gone, we …