Ebenezer's Coffeehouse: Washington DC: Capitol Hill

One mobile reviewer commented that, "Religious dicks own this place." While I can't speak to every sentiment in that tidy review, I did notice a lot of churchy CDs for sale. Also the website does say that the National Community Church runs it and that profits go to"community outreach programs."

I wonder what their open mics are like. There's a warning on the website that you can be asked to leave for obscene content.

My americano was fine, a 6/10.  They had a bookshelf with a decent selection.

This apple turnover tasted cheap and a bit old.

Every weekday they sell breakfast tacos until they run out. They're potato, egg and cheese, with a little pico de gallo with or without bacon (but the same price either way: $4 for 2). These were fine but just the same as if you made 'em at home, and there was no hot sauce out for them, and there should've been more pico.

The chocolate biscotti was good, but no better than one you'd buy in a package at a grocery store, which may be the source of these anyway.

Katie enjoyed her peppermint mocha.

They have water out for you, always a plus.

Those are basically the options for breakfast (obviously there are a few more pastries, but no other food food) and a a pretty nice lunch cafe menu. Salad options, for instance, include:

  • Grilled mahi $9 Topped with sautĂ©ed sweet peppers, tomato, fresh green peas, feta cheese; tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Cilantro Cobb $8 Topped with smoked turkey, spicy ham, diced tomato, garbanzo beans, Jack cheese, and tossed with a creamy cilantro vinaigrette; avocado available on request $0.50
They have a bunch of nice looking $7 sandwiches (most also available as wraps) that come with chips.

My favorite part about having breakfast here was that Katie and I got into all sorts of interesting topics on conversation, and, being a conversational exhibitionist, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this one suited man clearly started listening to us and actually moved to get closer to us after a minute. I fantasize that he was a congressman or anyway someone with any kind of political power or persuasive weight, so that in some little way, my ideas got into the consciousness of Capitol Hill just a teeny bit. I could see enjoying living in DC.

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