Best Coffee Shop in Christiansburg, VA

On a cross country road trip with my friend Katie, I used my foodie powers (Google Places and Urbanspoon apps on my iPhone, that is) to find us a good place for breakfast in the bumfuckish town of Christiansburg, VA. I called the place Loo'-chee Muhn-row's, basically pronouncing it Italianly.

It was quite cute inside, not to mention spacious.

The refrigerated beverage section was promising.
Katie thought of the Martinelli's Apple Juice jars as a treat, and I tried this Blood Orange Honeydrop business. As per usual, mine was more interesting but didn't taste that great.

Nice table art!
They steam the vanilla on the macchiato, which makes it nicer than places that don't.

Espresso - 6/10 (Starbucks is a 5/10, for reference). 

Katie got "Eggs on Flax Seed Bread - $3.75: Two eggs with heavy cream, scrambled, & topped with Monterey Jack. Served on housemade toasted flaxseed bread."

Good lord was that shit flaxy. There was hardly anything else in the bread but flax. If that doesn't get your engines and lower intestines kicked into gear, you need Jesus. Speaking of which, the town lived up to its name as at the table behind us there was a Christian bible study in place, one older dude showing a twenty-something the light.

Katie's eggs were fine, but there wasn't enough flavor, so we went in search of hot sauce, of which they only had Frank's Red Hot. At least it wasn't just Tabasco, but still, yeesh. I wish everybody would learn about Tapatio, Valentino and Sriracha already.
I had the "Sausage Apple Bites - $4.50: 3 hearty sausage, celery, apple & cheese meatballs. Side of apple slices"

They were pretty darn good!  I prefer some eggs with my sausage, but I guess apples are okay.
We would've gotten one of the blueberry scones that looked so great, but the apple cinnamon ones were coming fresh out of the oven. It was so good, so dense instead of fluffy, less leavened I guess than many scones. It was even great the next evening when I finished the leftovers.

These apples were much more fun that the ones next to my sausages.

I was unable to resist buying this chocolate sea salt truffle cookie for later.

As many waitresses do, ours warned us about the sea salt, since non-foodies can get turned off by it, but it actually hardly tasted of salt anyway. It did, however, taste amazing, and it was so soft. So soft and dense, which is apparently their style of baked good, which I support wholeheartedly. We ate it many hours later and it was still soft, so you know it's the good stuff (i.e. less stupid flour, undercook, a crap load of butter, more egg yolks).

They have a big water cooler and large, reusable cups out for your hydration needs.  It's so much better than these places that give you those annoying tiny plastic cups.

They also have a pretty fun assortment of lunches, including daily soups, pizzas on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

They had a bad ass living room:

Before I took this picture, two women had been chatting quietly in this loungey room.

On the shelf there were mostly children's books and the Wicked series. 

Check out the restroom:

"Ohhhh.  Lucie Monroe's!  Like I love Lucie and Marilyn Monroe.  Whoops."  Katie made fun of my pronunciation error.
What were we supposed to do, not get inappropriate with the irresistible little tongue of this scarecrowish thing just hanging out there outside this coffee shop in this town called Christiansburg?

Lucie Monroe's on Urbanspoon

Mon – Fri: 6:30 am-9:00 pm
Sat: 7:00 am-9:00 pm
No Sunday hours at this time

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