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DDD vs. Bob's Tacos

Except that this is where I'm from, and I was going here many years before Guy came. So I'll just tell you now, it's a winner, more than living up to the hype.

Bob's Tacos is a Richmond/Rosenberg institution. It's where you go before high school for breakfast tacos. You always visit when you're visiting the town after you've moved away.  It's where, if you didn't move away, you go once a week until you die. They've also got all kinds of Mex food, but most importantly, they've got all the classic breakfast tacos. One of the reasons they're the best is the homemade flour tortillas. My girlfriend normally despises flour tortillas, and I normally agree wholeheartedly. But when it comes to Bob's homemade, fresh off the pan flour tortillas, she was converted.

Potato & Egg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.79
Bean & Cheese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.79

Refried Beans . . . .…

Nabi: Houston: Montrose

When I knew I was coming to Houston in December 2011* and meeting someone in Montrose, I poked around on the internet for a good foodie place to try out.  I settled on the an Asian fusion restaurant that had opened a month or so earlier: Nabi.  Like a moth to a flame, their menu sucked this foodie asshole in.

Note: The chef expresses a commitment to seasonality in his food and he's surely also been working out the kinks in his menu in general since opening this new restaurant, so a number of changes to the menu have occurred since my visit.

These were pretty tasty, but there was a little too much tempura to really enjoy the cauliflower fully.  The chutney was really nice, and there was some creamy mayo-based sauce not listed in the menu description that was of course delicious.

My dinner companion had this dish, and I didn't know her well enough to ask her for a bite.  She seemed to quite enjoy it, and it certainly looked and smelled scrumptious.  Note: "Red pepper paste&q…

Phillips Seafood: Charlotte: Charlotte Airport/CLT

Tragically, I couldn't try the samples of cream of crab soup they were handing out since I'd run out of Lactaid.  I wouldve sampled it and then ordered the lobster bisque in the universe where I had Lactaid with me, but instead I found the good looking things on the menu without dairy. This meant no mashed potatoes, cucumber wasabi dressing or "creamy dressing." God knows how many calories I saved from leaving these ranchy cousin's alone.

The friendly but weary waitress (some of her other customers included the mother next to me who complained about the food and the prices and was generally demanding.  This lady informed the waitress that she had been unable to get her annoying seven year old son and nine year old daughter to brush their own teeth until last year and then proceeded to give the waitress parenting advice, "With you kids, anything they wanna do on their own you let 'em. I'z spoiled these ones."  Unless the seven year old was mist…

Chacho's: Houston: The Galleria Area (and multiple other locations)

When I went out for a night of clubbin' with some of my high school friends on my recent holiday trip to Houston, some of them needed nourishment before they could begin pounding alcohol.  Since I had never been to Chacho's before and my friends know how I feel about salsa bars, we all decided this is what had to happen.

Not too many words are necessary to describe The Chachos Experience.  The point is that you can order a taco or a torta or chalupas or fried tacos or fajitas or all sorts of breakfast foods including beloved breakfast tacos or any amount of Tex-Mex junk food, and then you get the mothafuckin' salsa bar:

So that you can spend two to four bucks on somethin' like one of these:

So after dropping a couple bucks on some meat or beans and cheese, you can grab some bowls or, if you're like me, a plate, and load up from the salsa bars:

And then you can go get wasted and then come back and spend a few more bucks and do a little o' this action:

The Flying Saucer: Houston: Sugarland

The Flying Saucer was a good friend when I lived in Dallas, one of the few bars in the DFW area with a good selection of beers, and this past Christmas time when I made it back to my home town, I was happy to see TFS has made its way to Houston and to Sugarland, where my friends from high school gather when we're in town.
I learned long ago that trying to take pictures of beers and report on it when I'm getting drunk or even quite tipsy just doesn't work/isn't worth the hassle, but I've still gotta talk about the food.
Their menu is basically a normal bar menu, but with one or two little notch ups or twists for each dish, like the one I had:
Unfortunately the selling point of this sandwich - the jalapeno chutney - was a little disappointing because I could hardly taste any jalapeno or sense any heat.  Finally at the end I got one little bit of jalapeno and then a little sweetness from the chutney.  I was also really craving the satisfying dark fatty richness of pork b…

Asshole Cooking: Asshole Christmas Cookies


Best Coffee Shop in Nashville: Crema

My cross country road trip partner, Katie, and I were still too satisfied from lunch in Knoxville to really eat in Nashville, but we were of course up for some more espresso, which, through my foodie powers, I determined we should acquire at Crema Coffee.

Though they were getting ready to close on this slow night, the barista clearly knew what was up since she bothered to give me a "to stay" cup for my espresso, which any arabicasshole knows is oh so important for tasting the black gold. Or perhaps I should say, the golden gold. Just look at that stuff. It was really, really good espresso. Their "About Crema" page really is worth reading; it's just heartwarming when people are passionate about what they bring to the world.

Stone ground chocolate is my favorite kind, so I was delighted to find that they had a local company's stone ground chocolate for sale.

It was almost as good as my favorite chocolate: Taza in Somerville, MA (availa…