The Flying Saucer: Houston: Sugarland

The Flying Saucer was a good friend when I lived in Dallas, one of the few bars in the DFW area with a good selection of beers, and this past Christmas time when I made it back to my home town, I was happy to see TFS has made its way to Houston and to Sugarland, where my friends from high school gather when we're in town.

I learned long ago that trying to take pictures of beers and report on it when I'm getting drunk or even quite tipsy just doesn't work/isn't worth the hassle, but I've still gotta talk about the food.

Their menu is basically a normal bar menu, but with one or two little notch ups or twists for each dish, like the one I had:

Pork Belly Sandwich: Shredded pork belly, ham & bacon piled high with lettuce, tomato & jalapeno chutney $8.29.  All sandwiches are served with your choice of french fries, hot German potato salad, or a side salad.

Unfortunately the selling point of this sandwich - the jalapeno chutney - was a little disappointing because I could hardly taste any jalapeno or sense any heat.  Finally at the end I got one little bit of jalapeno and then a little sweetness from the chutney.  I was also really craving the satisfying dark fatty richness of pork belly, but there was may more turkey and hardly any belly.  It was a disappointing sandwich, like a boring club sandwich from a nondescript deli.  Still, I wonder about the other twists lurking elsewhere on the menu.  The "Rocket Tops", for instance, come with habanero sour cream, the "Ruben-esque" sandwich comes with a jalapeno-kraut, and they have a "Mud Island Tort" that's a molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream and a Framboise Lambic sauce.

One thing I did get to try from the menu was the jalapeno-pesto mayo that's listed as coming on the "Turkey Meltdown," which my waitress was gracious enough to give me.

Of course I chose the side of fries for my dipping needs.

I give these fries a 5/10.  They were Steak 'n' Shake thin, which I'm not a fan of.

Jalapeno-pesto Mayo

This stuff was pretty good but not very spicy and a little too rich to be a great dip (though of course it wasn't intended as a fry dip, so that's just my problem).  I also got a side of ranch (not pictured), and it was great: not too thick, not too thin, just delicious, indulgent, ranchity ranch ranch.

They also have a nice little cheese and meat beer pairing list, from which one can choose 3 items for $11 or 5 for $16.

And just check out the beer list!

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Hours of Operation:
Mon-Wed: 11am-1am
Thu & Fri: 11am-2am
Sat: 11am-2am

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