Phillips Seafood: Charlotte: Charlotte Airport/CLT

Tragically, I couldn't try the samples of cream of crab soup they were handing out since I'd run out of Lactaid.  I wouldve sampled it and then ordered the lobster bisque in the universe where I had Lactaid with me, but instead I found the good looking things on the menu without dairy. This meant no mashed potatoes, cucumber wasabi dressing or "creamy dressing." God knows how many calories I saved from leaving these ranchy cousin's alone.

The friendly but weary waitress (some of her other customers included the mother next to me who complained about the food and the prices and was generally demanding.  This lady informed the waitress that she had been unable to get her annoying seven year old son and nine year old daughter to brush their own teeth until last year and then proceeded to give the waitress parenting advice, "With you kids, anything they wanna do on their own you let 'em. I'z spoiled these ones."  Unless the seven year old was mistaken, I also learned this lady was a school teacher somewhere.) and I put our heads together and got me the sweet pineapple chili sauce (SWEET indeed though hardly hot). That sauce tasted kind of like a slushy.

Sweet Pineapple Chili Sauce

Seasoned Grilled Mahi
"Sweet Mahi Mahi, seasoned with our special blend of spices and
topped with our signature sweet and spicy Pepperdew Sauce. 11.99"
Plus Two Sides and hush puppies

The waitress had misunderstood me.  I'd wanted that sauce as an extra dipping sauce for my fries but still wanted the dairy-less pepperdew dressing that is supposed to come with the mahi mahi. It didn't even occur to me until I was on the plane.  Damn, I hate that I didn't get to try it, especially considering it's the dressing that really makes the dish for the most part in a case like this.

The waffle fries were seasoned though! They were quite good: crispy on the outside, soft in.  They made up for the hush puppies wish had clearly been sitting under a heat lamp for too long.  The steamed veggies clearly came from a frozen bag as of course did the waffle fries, but it's more of an issue with the tasteless squash and the baby carrots (the snap peas weren't half bad),

The mahi mahi was a tiny bit overcooked, but it tasted quite good, especially considering it wasn't dressed.  The sweet chili sauce wasn't doin' it for me, so I asked my waitress for some "tangy honey mustard."
Tangy Honey Mustard

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Speaking of the Charlotte Airpot, when I went to use the restroom there was a tip-accepting bathroom attendent who kept saying,"Welcome to Charlotte" every single time anyone entered or exited the restroom.  I hate bathroom attendants.  They're helping no one, and they're like a cruel joke on those of us who suffer shy bladder.  They're seriously never going to leave, they're just gonna sit there and breathe, listening as you struggle to pee and get wrapped up in thoughts about how now it's been so long and can't you just pee already like a normal person, you freak?  I must've heard her say "Welcome to Charlotte" in the same exact fucking tone of voice 38 times while I was sitting there working my shit out.  It was enough to make me feel disdain for the southern accent, which normally delights
me on my travels to the south.

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