Best Casual Restaurant/Bar in Knoxville: Sunspot

Price: $
Awesome Beer Selection
$2 Drafts on Tuesdays

On our cross country road trip, Katie and I stopped for an early dinner at Sunspot in Knoxville, TN.

Our Table

Another Table

Complimentary (seasoned!) Chips and Salsa

A nice tomatillo salsa, hardly spicy at all

Nice little beer list!

Me and mine

Stuffed Tomato with bacon and blue cheese grits, grilled ciabatta and a tomato cream sauce - $10

Unfortunately the tomato wasn't really ripe enough, and it seemed to be of pretty low quality. Both the bacon and blue cheese were so subtle. If that bread looks less like ciabatta than sliced, generic grocery store bread to you, then you share my thoughts exactly, though it was still tasty bread.  The creamy tomato sauce was also quite good. This dish was a disappointment.  I guess the good news is that it was a special and not a staple on the menu.

Cilantro Ranch - YES!

We asked if there was anything healthful we might be able to get to dip into our cilantro ranch, and our waitress, who was so friendly in general, was very nice and figured this option of steamed broccoli out for us (not on the menu). This was $3.

Pork Burrito stuffed with black beans, fried bananas, jack cheese, avocado, and a spicy mango crema, served with rice and pico de gallo - $12

Unfortunately, rather than big slices of avocado as I was expecting, there was just a thin layer of guacamole. Otherwise, this dish was all kinds of tasty. The fried bananas were particularly pleasing.
Get in there, get in there.

This large, fun place had foosball tables! The single occupancy restrooms were comfortable and clean.

From the wall of their restroom

Sunspot on Urbanspoon

Kitchen: Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 10PM
              Sunday - 10:30 - 10PM (Brunch is 10:30-3PM)
Bar: till midnight on Sundays and Mondays
       till 2AM Tuesdays - Saturdays

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