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Chito's: Dallas: Plano

Needing to fill up on Tex-Mex before heading back to Boston, some friends and I headed to Chito's for lunch.  At all Tex-Mex places, in case you don't know, you get complimentary chips and salsa, and you can always judge the forthcoming food by how good their salsa is.

You can see by the consistency and the flecks of cilantro that it's promising.  And indeed it was great salsa.  I may have tipped some back and drunk an ounce or two at one point.  Oh... good salsa...

I was hoping that there'd be cheese and more cilantro in the soup, but it was still pretty great, and I liked the big chunks of potato with skin on, the squash pieces, the carrots, the plentiful chicken, generous avocado slices and the crispy fresh fries tortilla strips.

They had a $1 taco special, and I wanted a lighter lunch, so I just got two tacos with my soup (and way too much chips and salsa).

I was surprised my tacos were as small as they were and only had one corn tortilla each, but they were just …

The Czech Stop/Little Czech Bakery: West, TX

If you're driving from Dallas to Austin, halfway down I-35, you stop in West, TX at The Czech Stop. Delicious is their business, so how could you not?

Sushi till 3 AM, Also Delivery: Zenna

Delivery within a 5 mile radius
Open till 3 A.M. (Best drunk food ever)
Happy hour from 3-7 pm - $.50 beers plus some cheap sushi

When I was in college in Richardson, TX, Zenna was the only place I could find around there that had good sushi.

My favorite rolls, in order:
1. Midnight Roll
2. Los Hip-Hop Guy Roll
3. Seagull Roll
4. Plano Roll
5. DJ Vo Roll
6. Lizard Roll
7. Bangkok Roll

They have a bunch of other great Asian food too, like Basil Wrapped Chicken, Golden Samosas, Pad See-Eew, Tom Kha-Kai, Fried Ice Cream, etc.

Arby's: "Market Fresh Salads": Dallas: Plano

I went to Arby's on a diety day, so I didn't get to that the curly fries or anything good.  I had to get a fucking salad, and it's not exactly their forte, having bothered only with a light marketing attempt but no actual work towards product quality.

I diligently ate the stupid salad with a stupid fucking cheap Italian dressing packet.

I originally selected the Honey Mustard pack from their list of dressing options (Honey Mustard, Italian, Ranch, or Balsamic Vinaigrette).  I know I didn't get the ranch because I was going to be partying and I'm lactose intolerant, and I don't like to pre-game with foodstuffs I'm incapable of digesting.  I have no memory of why I wouldn't have just chosen the balsamic vinaigrette.  Unfortunately, I looked at the ingredients list on the Marzetti honey mustard packet:

 I added some Tapatio

So the salad wasn't completely without flavor.  But then I needed something more to make all the leftover iceberg shreds at the e…

JM Curleys' Burger

This review is really just for me. I'll clean it up after I go back for some more research.

Friday night at 6:15, at capacity, 30-40 wait, was an hour, 49 of it outside before we could get to the bar
Very loud and dark and packed

Good beers, great service

Coffee Shops in Brighton

Brighton has a tidy little list of distinct coffee shops. I've ranked them from best down, but they're so different that you really should read my distinguishing notes as one may be better for you depending on your needs.

#1: Fuel America - Best coffee, best menu

There's also a chocolate croissant, the same chocolate cream puff we'd just seen at Dash Cafe (see below) three blocks away, what looked to be a large and decadent chocolate and graham cracker muffin, and many more goodies.

You really should check out their fun menu, including a vanilla cardamom whoopee pie with homemade lemon-zest cream cheese filling, a basil orange-lime drink with organic agave nectar, Persian lime juice, valencia orange juice, seltzer, fresh basil leaf, and lime juice, as well as other fun juice concoctions, a handful of breakfast sandwiches, omelettes and lunch sandwiches, two salads, and four smoothies.
There were also a few breakfast options written on a presumable daily (or so)-changin…