Chito's: Dallas: Plano

Someone else's fajita plate, just for you viewing pleasure

Ditto the borracho beans

Looks like a flauta lunch with an order of avocado added

Needing to fill up on Tex-Mex before heading back to Boston, some friends and I headed to Chito's for lunch.  At all Tex-Mex places, in case you don't know, you get complimentary chips and salsa, and you can always judge the forthcoming food by how good their salsa is.

Roasted Salsa
You can see by the consistency and the flecks of cilantro that it's promising.  And indeed it was great salsa.  I may have tipped some back and drunk an ounce or two at one point.  Oh... good salsa...

Tortilla Soup - $3.50 for a cup (as above) or $6 for a bowl

I was hoping that there'd be cheese and more cilantro in the soup, but it was still pretty great, and I liked the big chunks of potato with skin on, the squash pieces, the carrots, the plentiful chicken, generous avocado slices and the crispy fresh fries tortilla strips.

They had a $1 taco special, and I wanted a lighter lunch, so I just got two tacos with my soup (and way too much chips and salsa).

Al Pastor (left), Barbacoa (right)

I was surprised my tacos were as small as they were and only had one corn tortilla each, but they were just a dollar and were great.  If you can manage to eat less of the chips and salsa than I can, or you don't get the soup, then go ahead and order all four (they also have steak and chicken).

You pay at counter when you're done. We had a very friendly waiter.  The food was delicious, the menu inexpensive.  It's a great little joint.

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