JM Curleys' Burger

This review is really just for me. I'll clean it up after I go back for some more research.

Friday night at 6:15, at capacity, 30-40 wait, was an hour, 49 of it outside before we could get to the bar

Very loud and dark and packed

Good beers, great service

Complimentary bacon grease popcorn: good but not enough flavor for me. Fresh bacon grease on popcorn, cute.

Curleys cracka jacks - caramel candied popcorn & bacon, roasted peanuts, prize inside ($6): Yum! The prize at least for us was a double bubble gum

Fried chicken dinner:
Breast, wing, thigh and drumstick $20 - lots of chicken, but or was all burnt on one side, and it was Yankee fried chicken (I need to stop trying fried chicken in New England). The chicken itself was moist.

Side choices are: biscuit, cookout slaw, mixed greens, fries and, get this, sweet tea.

The biscuit was great except also half burnt

Cole flaw was finely chopped, nice

-Bacon and beer honey mustard: too much horseradish 
-Orange side buffalo: just seemed like watered down buffalo sauce 
-Doritos cool ranch "ranch": I guess I was hoping it wouldn't taste as much like Doritos Cool Ranch Doritos as it did

Grilled burger rare with cheddar, griddled onions, pickles, pops Russian, fries ($15): May be the best burger in Boston. I need to have another.

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