Boston Common Coffee Co.: Boston: The North End

Espresso Rating: 8/10

At Boston Common Coffee Co. a double espresso is $1.93 except I paid only $.93 because I used my $1 Level Up credit!

They gave me my to go cup with a cute lid!


The espresso was bitter, but in a good, rich way, or maybe that's just because I was in a good mood after finally taking an unnecessary, just-in-case tampon out of my vagina, which I swear is the main cause of my period cramps, or maybe because I saw a cute lesbian there I know from somewhere, who seemed to be participating in some kind of book club, from which I heard the words "the western, literary notions of romance" or something.

Perhaps I should see if I can join this discussion group...  And their food menu ain't that shabby either!

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