Goody Glover's: Boston: The North End

For their trivia night, some beers and some food, I met up with some friends at Goody Glover's on Wednesday night.

Crispy eggrolls of corned beef, cabbage and Swiss cheese in a wholegrain mustard sauce 5.95

The egg rolls awesome, fried dough around corned beef, swiss 'n' cabbage!  With a creamy, grainy mustard sauce!  Ah how I've missed getting food that is actually satisfying on this gut level instead of always seeking out the weirdest, foodie-est foods.  It was still plenty foodie-ish to me though because it's totally Irish-Asian fusion, carb-swapping at its best!

Also, trivia (Wednesday nights at 8 PM) was fun, the beer menu is okay, and our waitress was so friendly we could've been in North Carolina.

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