Jake's: Dallas: Plano

"Um, does anyone else wanna get some burgers and a shit ton of various fried things and ranch?"

Fried things and ranch (and other creamy sauces)!

This was the question I posed the night after New Year's Eve as, while breakfast had been delicious, we still needed a little more hyper-indulgence that night to finish soaking all that booze up.  The answer was a resounding and unanimous "yes."  We actually were going to go to the newer and closer and more interestingly-menued Burger Break, but those fuckups weren't open for our gluttonous convenience, so we decided to go a little further to Jake's.

We decided we needed all of those things as well as regular fries.

Bottle Caps with Ranch

Battered and fried jalapenos in ranch.  How the fuck do you think it was?  It was delicious, that's how. 

French Fries and Tater Tots - By the way, several of all three of the fried foodstuffs I've shown had fallen into the bag and/or were eaten before I could snap these pictures, so they were all originally fuller.
The fries were pretty good, though not the perfect texture or thickness or anything (a 6/10).  The tater tots were great, as tater tots always are.

Sweet potato fries and a marshmallow sauce
Crinkle cut sweet potato fries, no less.  Holy shit!  Soooo good.  The marshmallow sauce was fun, but I dipped more of mine in the three sauces below.

Left to Right: Thousand Island, Ranch, Honey Mustard

Yes yes and yes.  I love sauces.  I love indulgence.  Half the point of getting wasted is doing shit like this the next day.

Mushroom Swiss Burger - $6.39

Mmmm, juicy beef, poppy seed bun, marinated mushrooms... (I subbed mayo in for the mustard listed on the menu).

The fallout means seconds!

Jake's burgers aren't the best quality ever, but at least they don't pretend to be.  The beef is good enough and nice and juicy, so that, at least when accompanied by good toppings, you're going to get that good goddam burger satisfaction you're looking for.  They also have a happy hour and have a burger of the month, so go have yourself a good time.

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