Le Peep: Dallas: Lewisville/Flower Mound

After beaucoup de drinking on New Year's Eve, 2011-2012, we needed the perfect hangover food situation when we awoke the next afternoon from our pass out fest.  I didn't want to be an annoying foodie, but I did poke around for a while on my phone in order to find the best Lewisville/Flower Mound indulgent but interesting and delicious breakfast that would please everyone.  Le Peep was the answer, and, thank god, it did not turn into one of those foodie friend-forced adventure disasters.  On the contrary, everyone was delighted.

This was a good sign, literally.

They rehydrated us with lemon-infused water.

They had two coffees to choose from: delicious Kona coffee for those of us who are coffee connoisseurs and chocolate pecan coffee for those who adulterate their coffee with cream.

They gave us the coffee in two carafes for the table, thank god.

Me meal, the California Benedict - $9.75 - "Staked sliced smoked turkey piled on top of fresh avocado slices and topped with diced tomatoes with two poached eggs on top of an English muffin and smothered in our creamy Hollandaise sauce and served with peasant potatoes and 'Mom's' sassy apples."
I have no idea what was menat by "staked sliced" by the way.  
California Benedict Closeup

The benedict stuff was all delicious, nicely poached, good Hollandaise and all that.  The only disappointing thing was that part of why I got this is that it came with "Mom's" Sassy Apples, which I was curious about, but they were just baked cinnamon apple slices, which are fine but no big whoop.  The peasant potatoes were great.

And I got a side of salsa and pickled jalapenos, yum!

The Hen Pen - $7.35 - With your two eggs, toasted Englsh muffin and peasant potatoes, you can choose either bacon, sausage, black forest ham or corned beef hash.

Obviously, the correct answer is corned beef hash.

A side of biscuits and gravy - $5.20 - "Two steaming hot biscuits covered with our homemade hawg-wild sausage gravy and sprinkled with chives"

I was able to beg a bite of these, and they're definitely what I should've eaten.  So good.  Perfect hangover stuff too.

Homestead Breakfast - $8.45
Actually, this is what I should've gotten, the meal that comes with the biscuits and gravy and two eggs and peasant potatoes.  Oh ho ho yeah.

I took a picture of someone's little crepes and a soft, heavily-buttered roll.  Mmm.

Someone was bein' all healthy and got a veggie omelette, how cute.  I think I wound up eating his potatoes.

Spanish omelette meal - $7.60 or $9.20 with chorizo
We even learned something!

The place actually had reasonable portions.  Not a single bite was left at all on anyone's plate, but we also didn't feel like shit.  Or at least, not yet.

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