Taco Ocho: Dallas: Richardson

I tried this newish taco place my friends had been telling me about in my old college town Richardson (part of DFW) called Taco Ocho.  The menu is fun enough that it took me a while to decide what to get for my one meal here.

Chicken Tinga Torta
Served with Sweet Potato fries, all for $7.95

The SPF were good, nicely cooked though just a little thin.

Side of Jalapeno Aioli

The aioli was a little disappointing, not ranchy enough, but still enjoyable.

Smoked chipotle chicken, roasted adobe corn, fresh avocado slices, lettuce, black bean spread, queso fresco, jalapeño aioli
The torta was delicious.  I wished only that there'd been more of all those toppings.

I got an extra side of chips and salsa for $1.75.

The chips had been made fresh for me and were still hot.

The Salsa

This was pretty damn good roasted salsa.

Remember when fountain soda cost less than $1.75?  Oooh I want a cheesecake chimichanga.

My friends' food, which I did not try:

Any two tacos - $7
Two taco plate (also which includes the Ocho rice and refried beans) - $7.95

Close up on Chicken Fajita Taco

Taco Ocho on Urbanspoon

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