Reliable Fast Food Boston Burger Chain: UBurger

Burger a mini Burger chain called UBurger in Beacon Hill, Fenway, and on the BU and Northeastern campuses.

The Big Papi Burger - $5.75 - with jalapeño peppers, guacomole, chipotle sauce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes

Oh what a soft morsel of a burger bun, like a down pillow! The meat and toppings all blend together in a mush of greasy, hot, creamy, dead animal deliciousness (though the guacamole would be more accurately described as yesterday's bucket of smushed avocados, so I'd stick with non-gauced burgers if you have any guacamole standards).

I'm not even sure whether it was the jalapeños or the chipotle sauce that was packing heat in this bad boy (maybe their powers were combining), but it was nice and hot. If you're a little New Englander wimp, you might wanna go with the Grand Slam Burger - $5.75 - with bacon, grilled onions & mushrooms, house spread, cheddar cheese (or one of their many other options, including build-your-owns).

Burger Rating: 7/10

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