Uncle Billy's Brew & Cue: Austin: South Lamar

Though it was the fourth of January, I was in fucking Austin, Texas, so it was a perfect 70 degree, sunny day, basically forcing my friends and me to get some beer and bbq somewhere with outdoor dining.  Our host chose Uncle Billy's Brewery, and we we walked up to it when we could smell the malt and the succulent meaty smells waft toward us.  These smells would continue to accompany us throughout our delightful meal.

Though if you do want to sit inside instead of at one of the perhaps twenty tables or benches outside, you can watch brewery operations through a glass window.

Beer flights are always the way to go.  Though they do have lots of drink options to check out.

Courtney got a pulled pork sandwich with fries and cole slaw - $8.29Fuck yeah, pickled jalapenos - with the perfect medium-hot heat level.

Sadly, they were out of pork ribs, so Katie and I both got the moist brisket sandwich meal, which is a dollar more than the regular brisket sandwich - $9.29.Fuck yeah, more pickled jalapenos.

Though Katie got fried okra with hers, which were obviously delicious.

Close up of the moist brisket sandwich
We learned that the moist brisket sandwich is not gluten-free, while the regular one is.   It wasn't actually as moist as you'd think, though it was delicious with some nice char to it.  Courtney's pulled pork was tastier though.

Spicy Habanero Ranch
It wasn't very hot at all, but it was great ranch.  Sadly, I was out of Lactaid, so I asked our waitress if she could think of any other dipping sauce that might treat my fries nicely.

She suggested the Tangy Chipotle Vinaigrette.

It was tasty, but it was too sweet and vinegary for fries.  No doubt it makes for one hell of a salad dressing though, and it wasn't bad to dip my sandwich in either.

They keep these four bottles on each table.

Right to Left:

Peppercorn BBQ Sauce - This had clove I think, which lent it a ketchup reminiscence that I wasn't into.
Hot and tangy- Whew, firey really.
Carolina Bbq Sauce - This one was a sweet, hot, somewhat vinegary, mustardy sauce.
Original Billy's Bbq sauce - Sweet and flavorful, this was my favorite.

Of course I tried pretty much every combination of these, the ranch, and the tangy chipotle vinaigrette, and I suggest you do the same to you find your special cocktail of sweet, hot, tangy, creamy deliciousness.

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