Don't B. Tempted by B.Good Burgers

Burger Rating: 4/10
Price: $

Having gotten thoroughly drunk the past two nights in a row, I needed a fucking burger and fries the next day on my lunch break. I decided it was finally time to see how good B.Good's (multiple Boston locations) burgers were.

West Side Burger Meal with Special Sauce (front) and side of Jalapeno Ranch (back)

Inside the West Side Burger

I wished the bun were fluffier, less dry. The burger and toppings were fine. If you don't have burger standards (if you wonder whether you do, then you don't), then you might think this is a great burger. I will be continuing my search for a good burger in Boston. The only thing they really have going for them is that their meat is all natural, grass fed, and ground daily. You'd think a great burger would flow naturally, but they get too much wrong.

"Real Fries" - their term

They were so real they tasted like the homemade fries form my childhood. I don't know about you, but I don't care for that sort of thing. If something actually tastes homemade to me at a restaurant, I don't want to be paying for that. There were some good burnt-ish ones that tasted really good.

Special Sauce

It was a bit too tangy, though I did enjoy the relish in this 1K Islandy sauce. I just want more creaminess and less vinegar.

Jalapeno Ranch

I was excited for my side of jalapeno ranch that I requested after siting on the El Guapo burger. I can't speak to how it blends with that burger, but as a dipping sauce for my fries it was too tangy and just not ranch at all.

Turkey Burger Goomba Style: wild mushrooms, smoked, local cheddar $6.29

In the meat-needing next day after the dozen drinks it requires me to properly enjoy Queeraoke, I decided to try B.Good one more time. This time I gave the turkey burger a chance. I hadn't realized turkey could be so devoid of flavor. Without asking me, the cashier had decided to type in that I wanted a stupid whole wheat bun. It was even drier and shittier than the white one that had so ruined my cow burger on my first trip. I need to learn my lesson about giving things second chances.

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